shut down restart problem dell 8250 xp home edition

when i click shutdown computer shuts down perfect and fast but when i click shut down restart the computer hangs and the four green lights on back become green yelloe green yellow i then have to push the tower button to shutdown i first noticed this problem on a clean reinstall of windows xp when it comes to the point right after format and the computer says push any key to reboot and dell tech now over twenty of them all would say do not push any key or you will return to the start point of reinstalling windows xp home just do nothing and your computer will shut down and reboot well what happens is the four green lights on back of tower become green yellow green yellow and the monitor becomes all light blue i then push the tower button to shut off the computer and again to turn on the computer and continues reinstalling windows it happens one more time in the windows reinstallation over twenty yes twenty dell tech men can not figure out what is wrong according to them the lights mean a memory problem send me new memory had me disconnect everything from mother board ran all kinds off debug scripts one where we had to reset the day time year and make the computer recognize the hard drive some of the dell tech men were of the higher level men and they could not figure out what is wrong when we reinstalled the drivers same problem lights turn green yellow green yellow have to use tower button to turn off turrn back on computer i feel because my problem can not be solved by the top tech men at dell it has to be worth the most allowed points to whoever is able to solve this problem windows xp over past year has been uninstalled reinstalled over twenty times under the direction of dell tech men i just do not call them anymore since i always click the shutdown button and it shuts down real fast no hang please e-mail with things to do thank you sincerely steven       cheyenne wyoming  i want to give this question 500 points but computer says i do not have 500 points to give i am allnew at this i am a 62 year old retired person please help me thank you
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>>the four green lights on back become green yelloe green yellow

This is your clue. Your Motherboard's BIOS is indicating that there is either a hardware or system problem.

If you have the documentation for the motherboard installed in your system there should be a section that explains the light patterns; which should help you find  the problem. If you have a retail computer the please post the exact Model Name and Number. We can then look up what the light pattern's mean and hopefully guide you through the process of solving your problem.

How old is the system?  You should have a three year warranty.  If it is within warranty call Dell and get them to walk you through troubleshooting this.
steven7777777Author Commented:
to sink9 i had over twenty dell tech men walk me through this they all offered to take back my computer and give me a refurbished or rebuilt computer but i would rather keep what i have and find someone who is able to solve the problem for me according to dell the lights mean a memory problem they sent me new memory that did not help but the problem began after under there direction i upgraded or flashed the bios now i am unable to get back the other bios computer says you have the most update bios installed can not return to older  dated bios thanks for trying to help me steven cheyenne wyoming   please e-mail me with any what to do also ask other men to help me thank you sincerely steven
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Well at least we know that it is a BIOS problem. Of course I've never had anything but problems with Dell computers.

Do you recall when you flashed the BIOS if you were given the opportunity to backup the previous BIOS? It would have been stored the backup on a Diskette.

Have you since tried upgrading to a newer BIOS?

steven7777777Author Commented:
gemarti  i flashed the bios last march under the direction of dell tech man i never knew what the term ment until he told me i was not told to back it up is it possible to get the older one back when i download the older one and go to install it the computer says something like you have a more update version on computer can not install this older version well i am 62 years old and in cheyenne wyoming it is now 2 50 am i will now go to bed i sincerely appreciate your help steven
Steven: It isn't necessary to put your email in these posts. Your just asking for trouble doing that. This web site has a system that will automatically email you when an expert posts a comment to your question. ...

Here is a link to download the most recent BIOS version. I would try that first.

Here is the link to the Dell Troubleshooting Page. I've found your light pattern> GYGY

Based on your problem description it sounds like you have already worked through all this with the Dell technician

That light pattern leads me to these pages:
Ensure that there are no special memory module/memory connector placement requirements (see "Adding Memory").
Adding Memory

Dell machines are very peculiar about the placement of the memory modules. If you don't put them in correctly your going to have problems. Read the link above for more information.

Verify that the memory modules that you are installing are compatible with your computer. See


Finally: Reinstall the memory modules and restart the computer.

It could be a memory problem related to the memory sticks or the memory slots or the memory tracers (soldering ns wiring).
The only thing that will be replaceable and fixable is the memory sticks, which you have already tried.  You can keep this thing until the warranty runs out and never get it fixed if you want.  Call Dell back and return it.  You are better off with a refurbed and working computer than a doorstop that won't even start.
By the way, I have never had any problems with Dell support and service.  They do what they say and do it quickly.
I agree with you slink9.

Let this be a lesson about buying Dell computers. Their marketing is great, but I can't say the same for their PC's.
Is that what I said?

By the way, I have never had any problems with Dell support and service.  They do what they say and do it quickly.

hmmmmm.  Today must be opposite day.
No you didn't say that. I agree with your assessment of the hardware problem.

You didn't say anything about Dell. I did.
Okee dokee.
I have heard of a few people having problems with Dell.  My problems are with Gateway.  I am probably in the minority there.  Everyone has their own story.
steven7777777Author Commented:
gemarti i have the latest bios installed bios 4 i am waiting for dell to update that i do not know how often they do that when i download the older bios and try to install it i receive a message that says you have the most update bios installed and it refuses to install the older bios i think i may have confused some of the men that want o help me with my problem when i click to shutdown my computer a small bow appears saying three choices standby turn off restart when i click turn off i have no problem 1 2 3 the computer shuts off no hang real fast but when i click the restart choice nothing happens for a while then the four green lights become green yellow green yellow and i have to push the tower button to shut off the computer this problem happens even during the reistall of windows xp after the reformat part it says push any key to restart the dell tech men over twenty of them now all say do nothing computer will shutdown and then restart by itself that is when the problem first begins i then have to push the tower button twice once to shutdown and again to restart and continue with the reinstall off windows xp it happens twice with the reinstall of windows and then everytime we then put back the drivers modem what i have on computer is norton system works 2002 withcurrent upgrade and norton firewall 2002 with current upgrade the google toolbar the free real real player 8 what i use computer for is to read english language newspapers all over the world and listen to english language news not music stations all over the world i do not tstore anything on computer or play games or burn cds it takes the place of my grundig radio wyoming to dry for me and medical not so good i am thinking of relocating to weastern washington mild climate better medical thank you sincerely steven
This information if for a different version of the Norton tools you mention but may help:

First try just closing the Norton System Doctor and see if that helps.  If it doesn't, try using msconfig to disable your startup items to see if one of your startup programs is causing this.

This article may also help:

Cannot shutdown or restart computer or log off users on Windows XP

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points to gemarti
Thank you.
I 've had the same problem with my 8250,  and today, I finally solved it.
the solution: downgrade to BIOS A03

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