I can't open CDE from the console in sunos 5.8

I have a sparcstation 5 sun machine and I have installed sun0s 5.8 on it.
I tried to start /etc/rc2.d/S99dtlogin but it doesn't execute at all and I can't see the CDE.
can anyone help me??
          thanks in advance
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could u be more specific.
post some error message u saw.
also send some messages from /var/adm/messages related to failure of this.
post the data from
AbebeAmareAuthor Commented:
there were no error messages related to the matter at hand.
and I am not sure what does these mean  /path/to/home/.dt/errorlog

Please tell all the possible things that may go wrong and how acan I correct them.
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/path/to/  means wherever your home directory is.
so if your home directory is
then the dt logs are in
AbebeAmareAuthor Commented:
there was this error mesage, I am sorry not to tell u.
when the system is booting it says   " can not find driver for console frame buffer"
I tried to set the output-device variable to screen at the open boot prom but that won't help .
You haven't got the frame buffer driver installed.  Might depend on your hardware (i.e. graphics card) but you need at leat the SUNWdfb, SUNWdfbh packages.
pkginfo |grep Buffer
to see if you have any frame buffer packages.

If not you will have to install the from the CD.  Depending on hardware you may also need SUNWfbc (Generic), SUNWtcx, SUNWtcxow (S24), SUNWcg6, SUNWcg6h (GX) .  These packages should be on your Solaris CDs
first install Buffer packages.
SUNWdfb, SUNWdfbh and SUNWfbc.

Then determine which graphic card u have. depending upon the graphic card u have to install those specific drivers.
these drivers will be in Sun Suppliment CD.

Read the Sun supplied guide to install specific driver for Graphics card like.(Sun PGX32 PCI Graphics Card Installtion).

Also check for these:

- Hardware release 3/98 or later needed since PCI was not included in
  the initial 2.6 release.

- If these are brand new systems, check the yellow contents list.
  SUN has replaced the pineapple frame buffer with a mango frame
  buffer. There should be a seperate CD with the needed drivers.


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He stated he has a SparcStation 5. I was under the impression (and I may be mistaken) that Solaris v8 required at least a SparcStation 10 or better.
For PsiCop,
no solaris 8 works well with sparc station 5. i had it installed and it is working fine for me.

For AbebeAmare,
i missed that i had sparc station 5, if that the case then u do not need pci drivers. since sparc station has sbus.
u only need graphics drivers and buffer drivers.
AbebeAmareAuthor Commented:
here is the output of  pkginfo |grep Buffer
system         SUNWdfb        Dumb Frame Buffer Device Drivers
system         SUNWdfbh      Dumb Frame Buffer Header Fliles
application    SUNWfbc       Frame Buffer Configuration Utility.

If I do have to install the drivers, can I use the software supplement CD for Ultra 5 ( it is for solaris 2.6) ?

I am logging as a root so where is my home directory?
I am new to solaris so please don't be tired of my silly questions.
u will need solaris 8 (SunOS 5.8) cd
root's home is either / or /root
grep root /etc/passwd
home directory is the sixth of the seven fields
Hanno P.S.IT Consultant and Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
a) try a reconfigure boot:
    touch /reconfigure
    shutdown -g0 -y -i6
b) Does dtlogin come up now? If not post the errror message(s) you see (also from /var/adm/messages)
Did it work. if not please let us know.
AbebeAmareAuthor Commented:
dtlogin doesn't come after i typed the above command given bu JustUNIX.
Even i did
pkgadd -d /cdrom/cdrom0/s0/Solaris_8/s0/product TSIpgx.u TSIpgxw
boot -r
The same error message appears(I mean driver for console frame buffer not found).
what can i do now ?
would u try to upgrade your install.
halt the system goto ok prompt.
1. boot cdrom

once everything loads up, installation screen will come up, keep answering till u get one windows, asking
fresh install
upgrade, just choose upgrade.
then it will ask if u want to customize or add some more software. choose yes and then choose all the option available for buffer /X / dt / drivers.

once the upgrade will complete, boot up the system and let us know.
run the following:
       /usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -e
       /usr/dt/config/dtlogin.rc start
Please choose a correct answer and award points.
AbebeAmareAuthor Commented:
I think the best solution would be that of shivsa ( upgrade install)
Thanx for everyone who answered my question. I appreciate every attempt you have done to solve the problem.
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