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i have a form called users.jsp  and displayusers.jsp.

A user would use users.jsp to register and if the info is correct,it would take user to displayusers.jsp that displays the info.In the displayusers.jsp, there is the email code that sends the confirmation message.

For eg,
Skillid  skill
1        Teacher
2        Doctor

projectid  skill
1              1
2              1
2               2

and etc,

users table
users info...

usersskill table
userid    skill
u1           1
u1           2
and etc

Lets say teh user register info and if the skill required matches the skill needed, confirmation message is sent to the user, the problem is that whenever the user is logged in, she would be directed to displays.jsp.So, the email confirmation is sent again.

I mean how do i do , that if teh confirmation email is sent already, it need not to be sent.

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If users.jsp is only used for registration, then instead of sending the e-mail in the displayusers.jsp, create a servlet to send the e-mail and when this is done, redirect (or forward) to the displayusers.jsp.

This way, you separate the logic of confirming the registration from the display of the user information.
As I understand your users.jsp.  It should handle the two cases, new user registration and existing user login.  And finally after processing any of the above cases, should redirect to the displayusers.jsp.
Use any request parameter alongwith the request uri during the redirection, so that in the displayuser.jsp, you can send the confirmation message based on the value of this request parameter.  Alternatively you can also think about putting a state in session too.

Another neat way, I would suggest is to redirect the user back to the loggin page after the registration is complete and successfull.  Embed your confirmation message code in the users.jsp itself.  After registration, prompt for a login and then uniformly handle the login to the displayusers.jsp page.

Hope this helps...!
Jasbir21Author Commented:
 my problem is that:

I mean how do i do , that if teh confirmation email is sent already, it need not to be sent
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Could you store a flag or something in a cookie?
Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
send your confirm email from a seperate page, and then redirect to your display page.
that way the confirm email is only sent after registration.
As I originally said ;-)
Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
Sorry, saw your second post and didn't read your first.

Thinking about it some more, it would seem there would be code somewhere that performs the registration. Why don't you send the email from that code.
Jasbir21Author Commented:
  Sorry,it was mistake that i might confuse things.

28 th November
The users use this form to register their skils as :Teacher,Nurse,

1          Teacher
2           Teacher
3           Nurse        30thNovember

Currently, there is no organization that needs the skill for Nurse but on 30th November, a new project is registered by organization x or new project by same organization.
So, then email need to ssent.but for project 1,2 email already sent


Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
So when exactly does an email need to be sent?
Jasbir21Author Commented:
Previously, when ever user register, he go directed to display page,so email sent.
Or when user logs-in, he needs to be directed to display page (by default), so if any skills added, email sent .

But problem is email get resent.

Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
The display page should not be sending the emails.
Sending emails should be handled by a seperate page which is only loaded when emails need to be sent.
Jasbir21Author Commented:
ok, i  changing to different page,but i don't understand something. How does the page only gets loaded why email need to sent.I mean, how could i tell, for this skill that earlier register email sent, if new skill needed and email not yet sent for that particular skill and for that project, than send email

Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
If you don't have the necessary information to make tht decision then you will need to store. eg. store who has been sent emails in the database.

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Jasbir21Author Commented:
ok, i think i understand , thank you .
Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
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