windows 2000 and xp start up problem processor changed

i have changed my processor from celeron 667 to "pentium 3 667 "
now what happened with my windows 2000 and xp is that they have started giving me the blue screen
right from the start where is says "starting windows"
can some body plz help me with this problem i don't want to reinstall windows
file system is NTFS
i have SDRAM= 256MB in one slot only
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Check your BIOS for any overclocking...
always check your bios when changing motherboard components...

when system starts press DEL key at the startup tables info.

Put the processor back. Then ask us how to upgrade the CPU.

I'm sorry that I couldn't be any more subtle. It really is the best answer.

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neo_zahidAuthor Commented:
my motherboard is sis630 chipset its manufacturer is pcchips its mumber is m756lmrt and bios is of AMI it asks me to manually enter processor and RAM bus speed which in my case is 133Mhz of both
i think there is no overclocking happning in my case
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neo_zahidAuthor Commented:
now i have installed a new OS ie windows 2000 again it is working fine but OS already installed are giving blue screen
RaybansTechnical ManagerCommented:
the kernal for a celeron processor is quiet different from a pentium processor

found this out during a ghosting project where we had the same problem

you will need to re install the OS for the new processor.

suggest you try preparing your windows XP by using the migration wizard to capture your settings. and put them onto a CD or somesuch.

dont think you can do this with windows 2000

but the problem is the kernal talking to a different breed of processor.

(the OS talks to the kernal, the kernal talks to the Hardware)

check with manufacturer for supported upgrades on your.

m756lmrt / sis630chipset

I read some posts in the FAQ section and appears you might need a bios upgrade.

best to get info from manufacturer.
Good Call Raybans... The architecture here is the issue. The only real resolution is to do a re-install over the two "Corrupted" installs. I have upgraded an entire Mainboard on 2K server, but kept the processor, and it had no issues. I have even switched from an Intel Piii to an AMD, and it had no issues. However, I have seen this happen with a Celeron to a trueblue Intel. The Celeron chip is cheaper because the chip doesn't pass the specs to be a full blown chip. Intel started the celery line back when they were tooling up for the Piii's; They had an entire run (Some Million or so dollars worht of chips) come out bad. They don't take overclocking well, they are far more susceptible to heat, and they are shy of the needed internal Resistors by around 5 million to 10 million. At least, they were a few years back. No telling how many Resistors on the new Celery's are out.
Good Luck!
how is this going ?
neo_zahidAuthor Commented:
there got to be some way
i just cann't install new operating system
RaybansTechnical ManagerCommented:
you mean you dont want to install the OS again?

I think what you should do is back up what data you can that you need

and then start from a clean slate

fdisk the hdd

plan how many OS you want

and go from there

remember it is usually easier to install the oldest OS first

suggest 3 partitions

1st partition 6gb for the windows 2000 OS and main apps.
2nd partition 6gb for the windows xp OS and its main apps
and then make a 4rd partition with the rest of your HDD so that you can save data files in it and access from both Operating systems.

2nd parti
Put the old processor back in.
RaybansTechnical ManagerCommented:
putting the old processor back in will cause problems with your OS that does work though
Raybans... It won't boot... how could it mess things up?
Casca1... Thanks for agreeing with me, I said this on 11/29/03
RaybansTechnical ManagerCommented:
Comment from neo_zahid
Date: 11/30/2003 06:56AM EST
 Author Comment  

now i have installed a new OS ie windows 2000 again it is working fine but OS already installed are giving blue screen


I was refering his comment here, where it is booting, to a newly installe dOS of windows 2000. and warning him that it will mess that one up.

I was not saying dont change the processor back, just making sure he doesnt think that the windows 2000 os installe don the new processor will work with the old processor.

In that context does my comment now make sense to you TheVirtualOne
yes, thanks... how soon after boot does it give the bsod? and what applications are on the machine currently?
did you try the manufacture links I posted on 11/29 ?
it's been over a week you've replied neo_zahid, what's your status?
neo_zahidAuthor Commented:
now my problem is over bcz i have put my old processor back
now i have a new problem
my windows 2000 is working fine but my windows xp hangs at his start up screen where it says "microsoft windows xp"
any suggestions for that
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