Getting Remote Desktop Connection to work on a LAN

I have been trying to get remote desktop connection to work on my LAN but everytime I try to connect I get the following error message

"The client could not connect to the remote computer.

Remote connections might not be enabled or the computer might be too busy to accept new connections. It is also possible that network problems are preventing your connection."

I tried diabling my firewall totally, made no difference.

What am i missing?
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mkandreAuthor Commented:
By the way I'm running XP home edition on one system and ME on the other. Both systems are curently available on the LAN to share resources.
mkandreAuthor Commented:
By the way I'm running XP home edition on one system and ME on the other. Both systems are curently available on the LAN to share resources. And Remote Destop Connection is installed on both.
N. SpearsSr.Net.EngCommented:
Remote desktop is not available for Windows ME and XP Home Edition. What you probably have installed on your computers is the client piece to Remote Desktop that allows you to connect to XP Professional Computers and Windows Terminal Servers.

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mkandreAuthor Commented:
thats just so wrong; but luckily i found a way around that, with netmeeting. It has remote desktop sharing, so my roblem is solved thanks any way or trying
N. SpearsSr.Net.EngCommented:
"thats just so wrong"

Do you mean my answer is wrong? or It's wrong that it's not available for ME and XP Home Edition?
mkandreAuthor Commented:
It means your answer is fine, I just wish there was a better solution.
That sucks that you gave a 'C' grade.

Hey how can I get started with Remote Desktop, I will give 500pts of 'A' grade.  I am using the Pro edition, also I read I acticle in a magazine which says you can download the componets from Mircosoft to enable Remote Desktop on Home Editions, I wish I can remember where.

Also is it possable to try Remote Desktop on the same machine?
You can download the client to install on your PC with an older version of windows at  I have had clients use this and it works great!

Hope this helps

I will give 500 points to whoever can help me solve my problem.

I have XP Pro on my PC and XP Home on my laptop. I am tryng to access my PC with XP Pro from my laptop via Remote Desktop connection.

I am getting the following message to whatever i try.
"The client could not connect to the remote computer.

Remote connections might not be enabled or the computer might be too busy to accept new connections. It is also possible that network problems are preventing your connection."

I am on a wireless Lan

What i have attempted so far:
- Wehnt into Control Panel/System/Remote/Select Remote Users/ and chose remote users. What i absically did what set up a new account for this purpose.
- I allowed access through firewall on Remote Desktop Port 3389
On XP Home machine staretd remote Desktop Application.
Where its says computer, i tried using IP Address, and the XP Pro pcs name. No Luck
Udername i tried using The account name that is using the WIn XP machine at that moment, and also teh new account created. NO LUCK

Also when i click on the arrow next to Computer It says " Browse For More..." When i click on that it has an option called WorkGroup, but when i choose taht its brings up a message the domain/workgroup does not contain any terminal servers.


To enable remote desktop, right click the "My Computer" icon, go to the tab labeled "Remote", check the box next to "Allow Remote Desktop...", then add whichever users you'd like using the button to the right of the Remote Desktop section.
Make sure you have XP's software firewall turned off on both machines lan connections.  I know that has burned me more than a few times.
all you have to do is to enable the port for the remote desktop, that's all.

later dudes.

Sometimes I can connect to the remote computer, sometimes I get the "The client could not connect to the remote computer" error. It was fine four hours ago and now I can't connect. Both machines are XP Pro and the remote is using ICF ONLY with RDP port 3389 enabled. Is ICF causing this?  Both are on a cable connection and I can't telnet the remote either.

I meant RDP on TCP 3389. But you knew that...didn't ya.
make sure that you have admin rights to both computer. On the computer you are trying to connect to do this:
1) Right click on My Computer.
2) Click on Properties
3) Click on Remote Tab.
4) Make sure Remote Desktop is checked.
5) Click on Select Remote User and add the user you have created to allow acces through Remote Desktop.
6) OK out of it.

Retry Remote Desktop from Client computer.

I've had all the same problems as the above.

I realised that pinging the machine wasn't returning the correct IP so my dns cache must be screwy.

In the end I did ipconfig /flushdns from the command prompt and all my problems melted away.
I am having a similar problem.

Win XP Pro running on desktop and laptop.  Trying to use RDC to connect to desktop from laptop over internal Lan.  When I use the drop down menu in Remote Desktop Connection to 'Browse for more...' my workgroup shows up, but when I try to expand out the work group I get the "The ... domain/workgroup does not contain any Terminal servers." error message.  

Alternatively, if I just type in the computer name of the desktop, I make it all the way to the login prompt with username and password.  When I enter the user name and password for the desktop, I get the following error: "Unable to log you on because of an account restriction."  I have tried logging on with the correct username but wrong password, and I get a logon message telling me that the username and/or password are incorrect.  I am using a different username and password on the desktop, so the RDC must be authenticating the correct username and password from the desktop, but then running into an account restriction problem with that particular user.  I have verified the user on the desktop, however, it is a member of the Remote Desktop Connection users group.  I have also checked it through 'my computer' --> properties --> remote --> Select Remote Users, and it's there (same thing).  

I have attempted to add \\laptop\user as a permitted user via the RDC menus, (or via 'my computer' --> properties --> remote --> Select Remote Users if you prefer) but I get stuck at locations - it won't look for users beyond the local machine because there is no server, and if I just type it in it looks for \\desktop\laptop\user, which is ridiculous.

The RDC overview on Windows help doesn't say anything about needing a terminal server.

In short, two xp pro machines, both with RDC properly installed and authorized (my computer --> properties --> Remote --> allow...), user properly set up as an authorized remote desktop user, but there are two problems: 1) RDC on laptop won't browse beyond local machine to find the desktop (yes the lan is configured properly, I can browse shared folders from and to both machines, and I have verified that the remote desktop connection 'exception' is authorized to port through the ICF on both machines), or in the alternative 2) typing in the name of the desktop allows me to initiate a connection and, presumably, authenticates the username and password, but gets stuck on some user restriction, which I have not been able to identify.
Figured it out.  Somehow I missed a very obvious requirement: the user set up for remote access may not have a null password.;EN-US;q303846

If setting up RD, ensure the following:
1. Make sure RD is installed on your system or download it from the Microsoft website.
2. Set your IP address if you are using a router.
3. Forward the TCP 3389, (or whatever port you changed in the regisrty. To change the port visit;en-us;306759).
4. Forward the port to your computers IP.  (if you have a router).
5. Make sure your windows user account has a password.
6. Enable Remote Desktop in Control Panel->System->Remte Desktop
7. Configure your firewall for the TCP port.
8. Connect locallly (using the local ip:the port. eg or remotely (using the external ip. eg.

Thats it
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