Windows 95 System-Requirements

I have an old Canon laptop computer with Windows 3,1 installed. But i wanna upgrade to Windows 95 Danish. Is 486SX 33MHZ, 200 MB Harddisk(Compressed 391 MB), 4 MB Ram, 640X480 Pix 256 Colors (External 1024X768 256 Colors). Is that enough to run Windows 95 or will it run very slow?
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It would meet the 95 system requirements, just. However it will probably feel quite sluggish in actual use. Especially the memory will be a factor. Also any swapping out to disk (which will happen because of the limited memory) will take a long time if you keep the drive compressed.

Unless you really need it running 95 I don't think I would bother!
Greetings, chriller91!
   Yes, your computer will accept Windows 95 operating system, even without compressed mode. And without compressed mode, you will run faster.

If you add 4 to 12 MB of RAM, you will run even faster.  There will be less swapping of files from RAM to hard disk.

Best wishes, war1
chriller91Author Commented:
Is 4 MB still enough. I dont think i can buy ram-modules for it anymore
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chriller91Author Commented:
Where can i buy ram cards for Canon BJ-120C Notebook?
Do you have any links?
4 MB is enough.  Just run a little slow.  No you cannot buy RAM module anymore.
chriller91Author Commented:
How slow is a little slow?
  By slow I mean operation speed. It will take longer to move data to and from virtual memory than directly from RAM.  I am talking about miliseconds.
chriller91Author Commented:
Ok i backup all my files and try installing(upgrading) Windows 95. If it will run too slow or anything else i can restore my files!
Win95 requires at least 6MB ram, the minimum requirements state 8MB ram as minimum but it will install with 6MB. With only 4MB it will halt.
Did you try it yet?
Oops, I stand corrected, Microsoft's site says Win95 only requires 4MB, but if my memory is correct I couldn't get it to install with only 4MB, but that has been many years ago.;en-us;q138349

System requirements for installing Windows 95:

    * Personal computer with a 386DX or higher processor (486 recommended)
    * 4 megabytes (MB) of memory (8 MB recommended)
    * Typical hard disk space required to upgrade to Windows 95: 35-40 MB The actual requirement varies depending on the features you choose to install.
    * Typical hard disk space required to install Windows 95 on a clean system: 50-55 MB The actual requirement varies depending on the features you choose to install.
    * One 3.5-inch high-density floppy disk drive
    * VGA or higher resolution (256-color SVGA recommended)

To use Microsoft Exchange and The Microsoft Network:

    * 8 MB of memory
    * 20 MB of additional hard disk space
    * Modem (required for using The Microsoft Network)

Optional components:

    * Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
    * Modem or fax/modem
    * Audio card and speakers for sound

Installing Windows 95 requires more hard disk space than running Windows 95 because the Setup program creates temporary files on the hard disk during the installation process. These temporary files are removed when Setup is finished. The following tables list the amount of hard disk space required for installing and running Windows 95. These numbers may vary depending on the hardware installed in your computer and the options you choose during the installation process. Note that in the following tables the Custom option assumes that all options are selected; the other options use the default selections.

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I am running DOS/Windows3x. Is it possible to install Office 2000 on this?
According to MS, NO!!

Office requires a Pentium processor with a clock speed of at least 75 MHz.

A Pentium processor with a clock speed of at least 166 MHz is required to use Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000, included in both Microsoft Office 2000 Premium and Microsoft Office 2000 Developer.
Operating System
Office runs on the following operating systems:

    * Microsoft Windows 95
    * Microsoft Windows 98
    * Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3 or later
    * Microsoft Windows 2000
    * Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me)
    * Microsoft Windows XP
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