upload with ftp and error message

I am trying to upload and I get a error message, not sure if - when doing a search with google, if it is tomcat, or apcahe or java

the error message is:
- when I try to upload a file
553, "could not create file"

when I try to delete a file:
550 delete operation failed

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How are you doing this?

What permissions do you have on the directory in which you're trying to do this?
>>What permissions...

...as, obviously, if you have insufficient permissions, you won't be able to do this.
sahromAuthor Commented:
I was doing it, i do have persmissions or at least I did have permissions, i did not change, the permissions, i was ftping and uploading for more then an hour without any trouble.

now it is rw-r--r

I am not sure it this is what it was - but no one but me should have changed it
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How are you authenticating?
sahromAuthor Commented:
not sure what you mean here " authenticating? "
How are you giving the username and password?
sahromAuthor Commented:
I am uploading to a hositng site - the persmissions were set up , i have never changed them and asume i can't

- gee maybe i can i will try

but i never changed them so - why now
sahromAuthor Commented:
no i cannot, so i guess i need to contact my hosting company, i know in the past i would  go online to look for what error messages numbers where, but i think they were for ibm websphere, not sure where to find these error messages
Hang on - you're confusing permissions and authentication. We're talking about the latter now. Forget permissions for now.

Most ftp sites require one to log on with a username and password. Are you not doing this? If not, I wonder how you're getting in?
sahromAuthor Commented:
oh, i see, yes I am logging on.  I logon with a username and password
thank you for your assistance BTW
OK, can you give us a bit more detail about how you're doing this, and what you're doing when you've done it.
sahromAuthor Commented:

I am ftp ' ing jsp files and images.  I have been doing this all morning.  Then all of a sudden, out of the blue, when I tried to upload a files I got the error messages indicated on the first post.

I have the abilty to go into login to a consule and change my password, which i did yesterday, but ...

is this what you are  looking for - it just happened, I thought maybe I reached a maximum upload ( file transfer or something) but I don't know what thoses error messages mean
>>I thought maybe I reached a maximum upload

It's conceivable, although the disallowance of a delete would seem irrational in this context.

What i thought might be happening is that due to some sort of session timeout, you might have some reduced permissions, although now i think this is less likely than the first scenario. Has your disk usage reached some sort of figure that looks like it's a maximum?

What happens when you log in with a new session and try to do a delete?
sahromAuthor Commented:
I went to check out my limit which I have never had to worry about - I have done any transfer or uploading for many months..

disk space is 200 MB
2 GB of file transfer per month

- a new session - start and stopping the server you mean?
Just a new session the the ftp site
Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
One of those error messages suggests you are doing more than just uploading, is this the case?
Do you get these errors on all uploads, or is it just a particular file. If so, it may be related to the filename.

As you mentioned above I'd check with your ISP to see if they changed anything.
sahromAuthor Commented:
>>although the disallowance of a delete would seem irrational in this context.

Unless they're throttling bandwidth or usage in general. Speak to the sysadmin at that server to see what the policies are - you need to know this anyway.

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Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
> Unless they're throttling bandwidth or usage in general.

That wouldn't cause these errors.

> Speak to the sysadmin at that server to see what the policies are

Everyones suggested it now :)
And its not so much what the policies are, it is what has been changed.

They in fact should be able to check there logs and tell you the reasons for the errors.
Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
> everything

so which operations cause which errors exactly?
Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
Let me know if you need more help resolving your problem, and post what was found to cause the error to assist others reading this PAQ.
sahromAuthor Commented:
thanks, they got back to me, it has started to work, they didn't tell me what it was and I have been emailing them a lot lately, with lots of different problems - guess it wasnt' due to to much band bandwidth  - thanks
Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
good to hear :)
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