Can one determine whether a file has symbolic or hard links to it?

Is there any way with a shell command or in a perl script to determine if a file has a symbolic or hard link to it? The obvious solutions, using stat and checking the link count don't seem to work - files with links show count of 1, and directories show a count of 2.
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Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
The link count should increase with a hard link, but a symbolic link does not change the file it links to.

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I use ls -la at the command prompt. The results should be similar to the following:  permisions owner group size date_created folder/file name -> folder/file name This is a symbolic link. The first folder/file name is the "linked" directory, the second folder/file name is the "original" folder  or the one linked from.  I think if it is a hard link the -> will become ->> but I am not 100% certain of the hard link symobol.
As khkremer states, only hardlinks will increase the link count.
To detect symlinks, you'd have to read the entire filehierarchy and check all symlinks... Which is more or less to unwieldy to be construed as a solution:-). Simple anser: no, not for symbolic links.

-- Glenn
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GodAuthor Commented:
GodAuthor Commented:
How do you divy up points?
Used to be a "Split Points" link near the comment entrybox... Some have had luck with oldlook ...

-- Glenn
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
You can probably file a request in the Community Support area if you want to split points.
GodAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry - I meant to credit Khkremer - but I'd like to give a portion to Gns as he clarified some more.  Tagish, I appologize - I did not intend to accept your answer.  I appreciate your comment, but it doesn't deal with link count.  I will post the point correction in community support.
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