Problems loading a new version of Win 98 SE over Win95

Hi - I have just tried to load Windows 98 SE over an existing version of Win 95. However the install terminated when it said that I already had an operating system there and I needed the upgrade CD, not the load from scratch CD. However, in going back to Win 95 it now comes up with a problem "cannot find WIN.INI" and refuses to boot Win 95. How do I proceed as I ultimately want to do a clean install of Win 98 SE?

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Greetings, mike_broph!
  You can load Windows 98SE over Windows 95.  You have to fool the install disk to thinking that there is no operating system there.  Rename to win.old.  Now install Windows 98.

Best wishes, war1
For doing a clean installation you have to format u HDD at the dos.
Than you boot from the win98se installtion cd to start the installation.
I think the rest u should know what to do already.

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To War1:. re: "Rename to win.old."  Now install Windows 98."
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How and where do you do and win.old?
You can do this in command prompt or in DOS.  The exact syntac is

ren C:\windows\win.ini win.old

I thought I provided the correct information first. Not sure why asker accepted the second answer.
"How do I proceed as I ultimately want to do a clean install of Win 98 SE?"
Maybe cause of this?
mike_brophAuthor Commented:
A new problem to loading a clean Win98 over Win 95 - I have formatted c: drive as suggested (side query - I originally had to split my hard disk into c and d drives - should I format D also?). However my problem now is when it boots it comes up with a message "Searching for Boot Record from IDE-0..OK", then on the next line when it tries to read the Win 98 install boot disk (3.5" floppy) it says: "Invalid system disk
Replace the disk, and press any key".

Any suggestions?
Are the boot disk or drive working fine??
Have you try the disk at other system?
For the windows98se installation cd, does it support boot from cdrom?
If yes you can used the cd to boot also.
But for doing this, u have to make sure the BIOS have the right boot sequence.
About the 2nd partition, it is okie for u to keep it.
How big is u hdd capicity??
mike_brophAuthor Commented:
Its about 4 gig
if 4 gig only i think u better used one partition.
This will be better for u to install all the appication u need.
mike_brophAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, I cannot boot from CD so I have no way forward. I have no reason to believe there is anything wrong with the Win 98 boot floppy as it is straight out of the shrink-wrap - so how can I make it boot from the floppy and go on to install Win 98?
So u mean u cd dont support boot from cdrom??
Or u haven do the setting at u BIOS?
About the floppy drive that u are currently using, how old is it already??
It maybe faulty also.
mike_brophAuthor Commented:
I'm not the expert here - so I don't understand what you are asking. I now want to know if I have any go-forward options from where I am at- or do I seek another solution eg the local PC Doctor.
Hi... I was upgrading from Windows 95 to windows 98... This was easy and I had NO Problem... Now I want to upgrade from 98 to 98-SE... So I followed the following advice...

( Comment from war1:
Date: 12/02/2003 10:28AM PST

You can do this in command prompt or in DOS.  The exact syntac is

ren C:\windows\win.ini win.old )

So I did this, but now it seems as if I'm Stuck in DOS...

It keeps saying: CANNOT FIND WIN.COM, UNABLE TO CONTINUE LOADING WINDOWS... And it prompts: C:\>_______________ I've tried typing and and all variations I can think of... ANY Suggestions?? Patrick


You need to first go into your bios and make sure that it is set to boot off of the cd.  This is often done by pressing the delete key during the boot sequence.  Next, boot off of the windows 98 SE CD, and choose the second option, start computer with cd rom support

you need to type three commands, not one, and they are:

ren c:\windows\win.ini win.old
ren c:\windows\system\user.exe user.old
ren c:\windows\system\gdi.exe gdi.old

You must also make sure that there are no other hard drives or directories in the computer with old installations of any versions of windows.  If there are, and you are trying to install from an oem win98se cd, the process will halt with an su6018 error.  You don't actually have to rename the files in question, you can delete them as well, but it is usefull to rename them in case you have problems and want to start your old operating system back up.

After you have renamed these three files, you can reboot off the cd and install 98se.  If you want to preserve your old settings installed programs, registry, and drivers, etc, you will need to pay careful attention during the setup.  On the screen that alerts you to the fact that there is an existing windows intallation, you will see a suggestion that you install the operating system in a directory called c:\windows.000

Unless you wish for a total clean install (meaning all programs and drivers will have to be reinstalled) you will have to click on the choose another directory radio button, and then backspace over the .000 so that the target directory is c:\windows

The install will run automatically, probably (although not necessarily) prompting you for a 25 character alphanumeric product key.

Thank you so much... ;-)... Very nuch appreciated...
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