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Hi everyone, I'm having one question and hope can find out solutio here. I need to implement a feature just like Timer control in VB. When each interval time is achieved, a function will be called to carry out some tasks automatically, without supervision of user. Basically it is similiar to tasks scheduling. Any idea on how to do this? Thanks!
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Hi lenzge,

use alarm and signals


will set an alarm for 10 seconds ... after 10 seconds have elapsed, SIGALRM will be raised ... you will have to set up a signal handler for handling SIGALRM ...

this signal handler will be invoked each time SIGALRM signal is encountered

look into help pages for sigaction signal and alarm

Check out the documentation about SetTimer or the whole Timer API.
e.g from here:

lenzgeAuthor Commented:
It seems that both suggestions are having same logic: using signal to fire actions. However I'm still not clear about the syntax on doing it. For Sunny, I can't find the topic on sigaction from MSDN library; for Friedrich, the sample code in provided link is incomplete, therefore it cannot been compiled and I don't know what is missing. Can you try to post a simple sample here? Thanks to both of you.
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sigaction is a POSIX standard so windows should support it, but suprisingly, it does not ... here is some sample code from msdn for doing the same

#define _WIN32_WINNT 0X0500

#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

void main()
    HANDLE hTimer = NULL;
    LARGE_INTEGER liDueTime;

    liDueTime.QuadPart = -50000000;

    printf("alarm application starting\n");

// Set up a 5 second timer object
    hTimer = CreateWaitableTimer(NULL, TRUE, "WaitableTimer");
    SetWaitableTimer(hTimer, &liDueTime, 0, NULL, NULL, 0);

// Now wait for the alarm
    printf("waiting for alarm\n");
// Wait for the timer object
    WaitForSingleObject(hTimer, INFINITE);
    printf("alarm application done\n");


also check this link

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lenzgeAuthor Commented:
It is working. Thanks!
lenzgeAuthor Commented:
It is working. Thanks!
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