Posted on 2003-12-01
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Last Modified: 2012-06-22
I need a program or website that can help me to surf anonymously - sites like anonymizer.com are blocked in the country i live
Question by:rajaindian
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Hi rajaindian,


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Comment from ShadowWarrior111 –Experts Exchange

If you want to be really really anonymous in the internet, you can try SocksChain (


 This program allows you to tunnel your IP through many layer of socks server. This will makes tracking of your real IP address very very difficult. The disadvantage of this program is it will really slow down your connection as it need to go through many different socks server.


Not sure if any of these are still availalbe:

IDzap --- Anonymous web surfing and access services

http://www.idzap.com/ or

SafeWeb Startpage


 www3.silentsurf.com - Ver. 1.20 Beta



 subDIMENSION Nettools -- Anonymizit -- Anonymous Web Browsing -- anonymo


 WebVeil's Anonymous Surfing Guide



 WebVeil Privacy and Anonymous Web Surfing Guide



Free Anonymous Surfing or Browsing


Freedom - Internet Privacy & Security Software | Your Online Protection


How about this ????


{Anonymous Web surfing} Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of
Web surfers? I try to steer as far away from conspiracy theories
as possible, but it is common knowledge that companies often
employ the use of cookies to see just what our surfing habits
happen to be. Some of these "intrusions" are harmless, but some
violate our privacy outright. By wearing the Cloak, you're under
an alternative. Now you can surf the Net anonymously; hide your
identity from the sites you visit, protect yourself from local
snooping, delete cookies, and selectively bypass encountered Java
and JavaScript code. We can finally hide from Big Brother; Big
Sister is much nastier, ya know.

Stealth Anonymizer - Absolute Anonymous Internet Surfing


Subj: [TNPC] Apologies from TheNakedPC!
Date: 8/10/2001 3:32:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From:    replyto@thenakedpc.com (The Naked PC Newsletter)

Anonymizer Privacy Button

Anonymizer.com has been around for a while offering a proxy
service that lets users surf the Web while remaining anonymous.
Surfing through the Anonymizer proxy prevents a visited Web site
to identify your IP addresses, and blocks Java, JavaScript,
ActiveX, and cookies. In the past you had to go to the Anonymizer
site and type the URL for the site you wanted to visit to use
this free service. But no longer. The new Anonymizer Privacy
Button utility installs as an add-in for Internet Explorer and
appears as an icon on the IE toolbar. You can surf the Web but
when you want to visit a site you can invoke privacy by just
clicking on the Anonymizer button on the IE toolbar. When you
type in a URL or click on a Favorite you'll notice that your
surfing through the Anonymizer proxy server by the options
display that appears at the top of your browser display space.

The Anonymizer Privacy Button is a free download but like so many
free things on the Web there is a catch. The free version causes
a somewhat annoying "Upgrade Now" message to flash in the IE
status bar when the privacy feature is turned on. There are also
a number of types of pages (noted as "restricted") that can't be
displayed when using the free privacy option. Secure HTTPS pages
for example. The idea is to get you to go for the paid
subscription version, which costs $49.96 for a full year (or
$14.99 for three months).

On the other hand, a paid Anonymizer subscription gets you these
additional privacy features: no restricted pages, safe cookies
(you can accept all cookies as they are marked as session only
and expire automatically), URL encryption to prevent tracking
your surfing by employers or even your ISP, block all standard
sizes of banner ads, and the ability to send anonymous email

You can uninstall Anonymizer through Control Panel's Add/Remove
software option.


Anonymity 4 Proxy (A4Proxy) Software - Anonymous Surfing and Downloading


Proxy (jump)

please give me new addrees for proxy (jump)
for example
www.slint surf.com

this is closed in my contry.... Tbolt gave this response on 1/10/2001:
Go to these url'


There are several to choose from

Hope this helps ya,
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