Replace placeholders in Recordset and then Sort

Hi, I'm using ASP with MS SQL 2000.

I have a recordset that looks something like this. It has only one column, called Identity_Name:

For comparison purposes, I need to alter this recordset so that all the occurances of "XXXX" are replaced with another 4 character string. Then, the recordset needs to be re-sorted. Let's say that we change "XXXX" to "ABCD." The resulting recordset should look like this:

Does anyone know of a clever way to do this using SQL only? I'd rather not dump the recordset into an ASP array and then sort it.
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SET Field = 'ABCD' + Right(Field,4)
WHERE LEN(Field) > 3
AND <You need a criteria to limit the fields that are updated>

Without a criteria it will update the whole lot. Do you have a criteria for the records that you want to update?

You can also sort on the fly, like so:

ORDER BY 'ABCD' + Right(Field,4)

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tevelisionAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response, nmcdermaid.

I want to avoid using the UPDATE statement since I don't want to change what's in the database. So the "XXXX" have to stay in the database table. Sorry, I should have said this in the first message.

I think you're on to something with that sort on-the-fly statement. Let me give that whirl.
tevelisionAuthor Commented:
I found my answer:

SELECT     REPLACE(Identity_Name, 'XXXX', 'ABCD') AS Expr1
FROM        IdentityTable
ORDER BY Identity_Name

I'm still giving points to nmcdermaid for helping me realize that I can actually grab certain parts of a field. Thanks, man.
tevelisionAuthor Commented:
Sorrly, there's an error in the last line.

SELECT     REPLACE(Identity_Name, 'XXXX', 'ABCD') AS Expr1
FROM        IdentityTable
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