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I made a really simple app just to test it on my friends PCs and on every computer it asked for two files: "rtl70.bpl" and "vcl70.bpl" with a message like: "The file 'vcl70.bpl' was not found. Re-installing the application might help"- or something like that. Now aren't Delphi exe files supposed to run without any libraries and any other un-necessary files yet it asks for VLC library??

Thanks alot for any response!
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ok try to make sure of this setting
first open your project
project menu -> Options -> Packages Tab -> Uncheck Build with runtime packages

hope it helped ...
Prototype_T-104Author Commented:
Ok done that, but as I have no way of testing it right now is this sure to work?
Thanks for your response.
My money is on TheLeader. :-)
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Prototype_T-104Author Commented:
Well it doesn't work... now i can't compile my app at all :(
strange.  what happens when you try to compile it now?

did you only uncheck the single check box that reads "Build with runtime packages?"

Are you saying that it will compile with this box checked, but not without it?  Could you be using a thirdparty component that requires the package files?

>>Now aren't Delphi exe files supposed to run without any libraries and any other un-necessary files yet it asks for VLC library??

You have the option of using runtime packages with Delphi applications.  These are similar to DLL files.  Basically, if you are installing multiple Delphi applications on the same computer, you can elect to use these packages to reduce the exe file size and maintenance efforts.  Personally, I don't use them.  Don't confuse them with design time packages.  Design packages contain the components that you see in the component palette and the code needed to access these during design.

TheLeader was right with his original comment.

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Prototype_T-104Author Commented:
Well than it must be asking for design pachages as obviously i can't run my apps without them. Also I am using some third-party components so, might that be the reason?
The design packages are ONLY needed at design time, i.e. when DELPHI is running.  They are not needed at runtime.

you might have installed your third party components incorrectly.  many component writers have separate installation procedures depending on whether you will be using runtime packages.

since this is a test app, remove the suspect components (or create small project without them) and see if that solves the problem.
Prototype_T-104Author Commented:
Nope its the error is still present... Only when i copy the "vcl70.bpl" and "rtl70.bpl" in the System folder it works. And the application was just a blank form.
I have had this happen to me in D7. It seems as though when you Uncheck "Build with runtime packages?", the compiler doesn't pick up the new value. I believe it fixed itself when I closed Delphi, reopened it and compiled again. It was very strange. Be sure to do a Build All as well.
You must still be doing something wrong.  Those file are not needed if the project is compiled WITHOUT the "Build with Runtime Packages" checked.   Make sure you still haven't included the 3rd party components in your USES clause.

Robn may have something there.
thanx "roknjohn" :)
"Prototype_T-104" just for checking, the files("vcl70.bpl" and "rtl70.bpl") commonly this dir it should be
\windows\system on Windows98, \WINNT\System32 on Windows 2000 and Windows XP computers).

hope it helped ...
Prototype_T-104Author Commented:
Thanks, its fixed now i sorted it out!
For future reference, what was the solution?

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