Using s-video for backing Videos onto CD (no sounds?!?!)


The title nearly says it all.  I want to record my videos on to CD as to back them up.  When I check the tv channels using the tv card, I get the picture and the sound, although when I connect the video to the tv-card I can only get video and NO SOUND!

I can understand that s-video only has output for video, but how can i get the sound?  I have noticed there are RCA connectors there on the video, one being red and the other white, but the sound card does not have the ports for the RCA connector leads.  Is there any adapters or convertors so I can get sound while using the s-video lead?

Or perhaps am I not connecting the video correctly?  Please give me some help

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Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi ellikas,

You should be able to use a 3.5mm jack plug for the sound, just go to your local shop for a cinch to jack audio cable. Put this cable into your line-in of your soundcard.



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Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Take a look at this picture so you'll know what to look for =>

> I can understand that s-video only has output for video, but how can i get
> the sound?  I have noticed there are RCA connectors there on the video, one
> being red and the other white, but the sound card does not have the ports for
> the RCA connector leads.  Is there any adapters or convertors so I can get
> sound while using the s-video lead?

S-Video will only give you video.  You need to hook up the audio separately.  To connect your sound card, go to Radio Shack, and buy a $3 adapter.  It should look like this:

That will let you make the connections that you need.

Hope That Helps,
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Once you've got your sound connected, a problem you may run into when capturing is synchronization of video and sound.  At the beginning, the two may be in step, but after an hour, you may find that the video is doing something totally out of sync with the sound.  If you have a dv camcorder, you can solve this problem (if it happens) by inputting both video and sound into the camcorder and running a firewire connection to your pc.  The camcorder would be functioning as your analog-to-digital converter and both audio and video would remain in step.
ellikasAuthor Commented:

That plug made a difference, i can now hear sound when i play the video.  But UGH!! When I captured the video and then play the mpeg or avi.  I do not hear any sound at all although I do recieve the video itself.  

I researched and looked all over the place on the web.  I made sure my line-in for recording was ticked and made sure the volume level raised.

I then went back to check the tv channels and captured them and tried to play those back, still no sound?

The cables I am sure are all connected up correctly.

Next I thought maybe its something to do with codec, but then I play other files on that computer and I hear the sound and see picture.

1) S-video from video to the tv-card s-video
2) RCA white and red from the video to the line-in plug which then goes to the sound card

The tv-card is an origo make V 20.52, and the platform is XP home edition.

You need to make sure  you have the correct input selected.
1) Open the Volume Properties (double-click the tray icon)
2) Select Options -> Properties
3) Under "Adjust Volume For", select "Recording"
4) Click Okay.
5) Make sure "Line In" is selected, and there is volume.

You can test it by running the Sound Recorder and trying to record something.

Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
I think you're doing something wrong with your recorder software (check the sound settings) and also, if your capture card has a connector for audio, try using that one instead of the one on your soundcard.
Make sure you have the audio capture driver installed - it should show up under the Sound and Game Controllers, right next to the video capture driver.
ellikasAuthor Commented:

I admit defeat on origo TV-Cards.   I just went out and bought another.  After 30 mins of tweaking the new WIN TV tv-card worked.  The card had some application which i could tick on the line-in option, which the other tv-card did not show or did not even have.

Well thank you for all your efforts, it was money hard lost...but I have learnt something from this.

As they say an expert is someone who has made many mistakes.

Thanks again
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
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