When I try to use an Image .jpg file, and map it in the ImageUrl property of the ImageButton control ,somehow the clarity and quality of the picture gets a little worse. How can I maintain the quality of the image as it was and the use it in my web app. I am using
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I dont know about ImageButton but I do know that if you recompress a  jpeg file it will lose some of its quality or resolution.
Moizsaif123Author Commented:
I was able to get the same picture quality of the image, cause I changed the Url Type of the picture property to Absolute. I dont know why the image quality didnt change....after I changed the Url Type or maybe I resized the Image cze changing the size of images can worsen the quality too...
There doesnt appear to be any properties in the Imagebutton or Image class which can control image quality.You have probably answered your own question may have been due to resizing or alignment.You could try using a different file type although most others are slower than jpegs.
Moizsaif123Author Commented:
I am also guessing due to resizing the image, the quality improved, jpegs are the default image file for software apps, or maybe for windows now...

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