Sending Lists Through Winsock

I dont know how to send lists through winsock this includes driver lists
I want the lists on the Server form to go to the lists on the Clients form
when the Load button is pressed. I would like the code to go into the
module if you dont mind on the server thanx in advance

Download the VBP containing the Lists, Winsock Connection Code so you can
add on the code

Once you have completed the code please send it to me @

Leave a comment on this page and i will accept it if the code is right for me
Thanx again!!!
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BaskerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have mailed you the working code,

You can continue with that.
Just concat the items in the list into one or more strings, then send the strings thro the winsock,thats so much easy
burnttimeAuthor Commented:
exactly i dont know how do i would like the code added
burnttimeAuthor Commented:
Sorry I do not seem to have recieved the Email???
Are you sure you sent it to

May you send it again then please
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