event viewer and user who can not access the server folders


Running 2000 server and mostly XP Pro and 2000 Pro machines.

I have been getting these all morning

Event ID 201.

No license was available for user domainname/username using product SMBServer 5.0.

I have never installed SMBServer but before I got here someone may have triend to install licenses for them and then uninstall licenses.  anyway some users can not get access to the server.  are theses related.  need help??????
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here is some information:


to view the MS articles, go to the MS site and type in the KB article numbers/
stewartjeAuthor Commented:
thanks but this does not help.  i am using per server mode with 11 people connected to the server.  I have a 20 CAL but the Licensing console says I am using 27.  I have read the MS articles in KB and am up to date on patches and hotfixesthe server will not let any one using winxp pro machine get access to shared folders or the server.  I am not usiing to many licenses but the server thinks I am.  Help????

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stewartjeAuthor Commented:

i did what the article said but when I went back to the license console the per server 20 was still there.  We had purchased a 25 per server license.  the computer still says that I have reached 26 licenses and the event viewer still claims that I am over my limit fot SMBServer 5.0.  I do no even have that installed.  Or maybe I do and I can not tell.  I am very new to this all.

have you tried restarting the server?
stewartjeAuthor Commented:
yes i restarted the server and that worked for now.

the server came back with a 20 user license per server installed.  i changed it to 25.

it still says under properties of server that I have reached 25, this is found by going to the licensing console and picking the products view tab then double clicking the server and going to server browser.  

under the Products view tab only is says per server reached is 19.  wierd.?????

your thoughts??

stewartjeAuthor Commented:
Came in today and the Licensing console is telling me I have reched 36 users.  It seems to be getting worse.  Help please.

try disconnecting the users connected to the server.. restart the server, reset the licensing information and again restart the server. give it a try
and if the server is not updated with the latest service packs... do that as well.
stewartjeAuthor Commented:

as for disconnecting, do you mean just unplugging the server from the Hub or is there another way to disconnect a user on the Server itself?  I am new so please bare with me.

as for resetting the license, do you mean to just delete and readd them.  itried this once and then computer kept a 20 license per server in the license console.  

i have SP4 installed.  This problem came out of the blue or so it seems.  

sorry stewart... i'm at work and today is one of those days.. ok, now lets solve this licensing issue.

1. First try to stop the licensing service from the command prompt, net stop "service name".

2. That will automatically disconnect the users or clients who are using the the server. Now make sure that the licensing service is not the startup list. restart the server..

3. Now the machine would restart.. check for the licensing information, before you start it.  If the information is incorrect change it.. Check for all other references. Set it right first. start the licensing service now.

let me know what happens.

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stewartjeAuthor Commented:
Thanks all.  I deleted the licensing files and then rebooted.  I added a 25 user per seat instead of per server and that worked just fine.  thanks to all those that chipped in with support.

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