Is someone accessing my machine?

While browsing the web I got a pop-up box that announced my computer is not secure. And that I should get such and such software. I dont remember because I immediately closed it. I am worried because in the pop-up box it asked, did your cd just pop open? Because if it did your computer can be compromised.

And the cd did pop open right when that pop up box opened. I have all the latest Norton Antivirus programs. I have a Windows XP Dell machine Pentium 4.
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Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi ronaldsmyth,

You should install a firewall like zonealarm =>


Active Protection takes the fight to cryptojacking

While there were several headline-grabbing ransomware attacks during in 2017, another big threat started appearing at the same time that didn’t get the same coverage – illicit cryptomining.

Does it happen when you browse any webpage or just certain page. Install the google toolbar and check first if you still get .otherwise  install and run the spywares and check for them

Another great free tool to see exactly what is running on your system is Vision from Foundstone - you can see what programs are running and what IP addresses they are attempting to access - also allows you to terminate the unwanted critters :)

ronaldsmythAuthor Commented:
Thank you everyone Sunray, LucF and JCrawford for the quick responses. I will need to check out all the information you have given me.

Regarding LucF's post, I would like to mention that I have the Windows XP firewall running already. So I would like to know wouldn't the Windows XP firewall block that from happening and if not exactly how are remote users able to access my CD and if they can access that can't they access everything else on my PC? Because I am not worried so much about Spyware for advertisers as much as people accessing any file they like on my harddrive.

Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
The winXP firewall is only a simple firewall, ZA is much better, but the problem you're facing is with a script on a certain internet page. You should try Sunrays suggestions first (I suggest Adaware and Spybot)
Like Lucf has said zonealarm is much much better than windows xp firewall.. You can download the free zonealarm from their website.. Also once you install it , read articles about how to set it up ( i mean the advance settings) .. It is important to know how to control traffic using firewalls when you have one

sunray_2003> Like Lucf has said zonealarm is much much better than windows xp firewall..  

Yup, I agree. that does not help for this animal, critter, or what have you. It may even be the one being sued into submisione by one of the US States.

> While browsing the web I got a pop-up box that announced my computer is not secure. And that I should get such and such software. I dont remember because I immediately closed it.

If you really closed it, then you are OK. Shutdown to clean ram and move on. These critters are now trying to cloak, to trick you to clicking on a "run" command that you cannot see (and you might think is the close button).  Some of these are now referred to as extortion wares. If so, it would be asking you for money for their own special cleaning ware. If they do not ask for money, you may have gotten by, this time.  Note the this practise is pretending to be a good cleaning tool, and it may be, just like those listed above.

Answer: With XP do not attempt any further clicks when you see these. Go straight to its TaskManager where the product being marketed will show up and select "end task" to kill the window without letting it get a chance for input, even by mistake or surrepticiousness.  KillTask. KillTask. KillTask. KillTask. KillTask. Learn to not let it force you to make a choice that it is not giving you.
I dont know the exact reason for the cd tray to open... but it might be some hole in IE. Try to install all the patches available for IE, Service Pack 1 and that kind of stuff from the microsoft website. Usually they fix these kind of problems pretty quickly.

Another possibilty that I can think of, is that may be you accepted to execute an ActiveX program... These things are quite powerful and can do a lot o "harm" in your computer, that's why they are forced to prompt the user for permission, but sometimes they are quite subtle and you dont realise what you are clicking at.

its just an thirdparty add  popped up which iis very normal while ur brwsing these adds are just to divert the user attention and if  u  clik on such spam adds they difenntly take u for a ride u just have to ignore such crap n get going  abt the cdrom getting ejected well the add what u saw might probably had a script when u closed it would have executed.  so the best thing is use to use a  personal firewall like zone alarm  and a browser which bloks this stupid pop adds n browse happily.

ronaldsmythAuthor Commented:
I apologize for the late followup.
I installed all the Microsoft updates.
Updated Norton AV and ran a full scan. There were several trojan byteverify viruses(Before updating Microsoft system) that I removed.  Ran Spybot, cleaning all problems and immunizing them. I also downloaded Zone Alarm. Also installed a pop-up blocker.
Thank you everyone for your advice.  
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