Subreport CanGrow Formatting error

OK, here is the problem.

I have a Master report, with 8 unbound subreports All with the CanGrow = true, when On Open the Master report binds the subreports based on selections from a form.  This all works great.

Except 1 of the subs takes multiple pages and the subreport after it gets interspersed at the bottom of the pages of the previous sub instead of comming after it.

Other information that might help.
-None of the subreports overlap
-I can fix the formatting problem by reversing those two subreports, but the person requesting the report can't have it out of order.
-I have messed with the bring to Front, to change the order in which Access formats the subreports, and the error does not change
-All Subreports are highly dynamic (All controls are unbound until formatting)
-All subreports are copies of 1 subreport, so they all have the same control names, and code, but different control sources.

Thank you in advance.

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jadedataMS Access Systems CreatorCommented:
Hey EarthwormO!

 Unless you make some consessions on the format and layout of the report you will continue to have this challenge.
 There is such a thing as having a report be TOO COMPLEX, and in these cases it is usually one spec for the report conflicting with another.

 Sometimes you HAVE TO give a little to get a good result, and give up on getting the Perfect result.

-None of the subreports overlap

are you sure they are not touching each other at all?

EarthwormOAuthor Commented:
I actually solved the problem last night.  It turn out that Access was computing the size needed for the subform incorrectly, due to the fact that I was using a font size below 8 Point.  After increasing the space in the detail section to account for an 8 point font the problem went away completly.  I tested this thouroghly and even tried smaller sizes.  Apparently Access just doesn't handle Font sizes below 8 very reliably.  Thank you for the help though.
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jadedataMS Access Systems CreatorCommented:
So you infact DID change the format of the report.
Font sizes can only be format computed by Access based on their existing default size lists.  If you set a font below it's smallest listed size (like Arial 7, with 8 being the lowest listed size) the format is computed at, in this case 8.

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