Notes 6.0 crashing on Windows XP

(I had a user with this problem before, and once we completely erased and rebuilt their hard drive, it went away. This is not a viable solution, so I thought I'd toss it out here.)

I have a user with Notes 6.0 client on Windows XP. Often (not always) after sending a message with a file attachment, NSD runs and locks up the Notes client. Nothing can be done in Notes until they shut down completely.  This usually happens only once each day.

At the time of the crash, it appears that NLNOTES.EXE has started ntaskldr.exe. I have several nearly identical log files from NSD, but am uncertain how to interpret them.

The last time this happenned, we tried rebuilding the Notes User ID, re-installing the Notes client, and rebuilding the Windows XP profile.  We finally wiped the hard disk and rebuilt the machine.  This was not a big problem before, as the problem occurred within the first few weeks in use.  The current machine has been in use for about a year, and I really don't want to have to rebuild the software from scratch.

Any suggestions? I can forward a log or two if you wish...

--Tom Pellitieri
  Century Equipment
  Toledo, Ohio
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Apply patches (for both OS and Notes) and see if it fixes the problem

Which version are you using?  6.0, 6.01, 6.01CF1, 6.01CF2, 6.02, 6.02CF1, or 6.5?  Is it a shared code install or local code?  Is it a multi-user install or a single user install?

Most often, persistent crashes occur because of corrupt data in the core data files for Notes.  Since a re-instal generally only affects the executable code, this type of crash is not easily fixed by a simple re-install.  Are there any truly important data files in the local Notes installation?

ntaskldr always loads with Notes.  In the past, Notes had to load many "background" programs that worked with the front end... namgr to run local agents, nwrdaemon for replicating, etc.  In order to reduce the "clutter," Lotus combines all these tasks into a single "task loader" program, called ntaskldr.

Sometimes, it is possible for an experienced admin to locate something useful in NSD output, especially for servers.  Usually, only Lotus can really interpret it.

If Notes crashes, you can usually restart it by killing the following:

You can also get shareware, freeware, or commerical software that kills all Notes processes for you. Look at Cassetica and KillDomino.
pellitieriAuthor Commented:
The client is currently version 6.0, and is a single user install.  What is the difference between a "shared code" and a "local code" install?  The code is installed locally on the hard disk.

Killing ntaskldr.exe allowed us to restart Notes without rebooting, so that much helps.  It's not something my user is comfortable doing without me watching, so it isn't really a solution.

The oddball thing is that it tends to crash about 10 minutes after sending an e-mail with a file attachment.  The previous user had the same issue, and with the same 10 minute delay.  This has only happened with my Windows XP users.

We already tried uninstalling notes, backing up the data files, doing a clean install of the client, then copy the main data files back to the new notes\data directory.  

I will try to update XP and install a newer client without copying data files, and see if that improves things.  Meanwhile, if you have any idea why attaching a file to an outgoing e-mail would set off NSD, I'd be happy for any advice or opinions.


--Tom Pellitieri
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Any antivirus being run on the client ? Can you disable it and see if you can reproduce this problem ?
pellitieriAuthor Commented:
We use Sophos Anti-Virus.  I stopped the AV monitor and had my user send me an attachment.  Notes still bombed out.  So far, only Windows XP users have had problems, and only when they attach a file.
I have not had any problems sending on XP, I don't recall the exact client version on the XP box (6, but not sure which point release).

In the user's location doc, does it specify mail on local or on server?

(Shared install=code ins installed in a network directory.  Multi-user insatll is really a variant of shared install.)
pellitieriAuthor Commented:
All of our clients are local, single user installs, and all of the mail files are on the server, which is at Windows NT 4, SP6.  I've applied the WinXP patches on the client.  If the problem reoccurs, I will replace the Notes client with version 6.5.
I would not go with client 6.5 until server is 6.5, unless you have an emergency that 6.01/6.02 won't fix.
pellitieriAuthor Commented:
Per HemanthaKumar's original suggestion:

I applied all of the latest Windows XP patches yesterday.  Today, I uninstalled the Notes Client, renamed C:\Lotus to C:\OldNotes, deleted the Notes and NSD .ini files from the Windows folder, then installed Notes Client version 6.0.3 (Sept. 26, 2003) locally from the installation disk in the local CD-ROM drive.  I had to copy the file from the original folder, and have not intentionally included any other files from the prior install.

NSD still ran within 10 minutes of sending an e-mail with an attachment. <sigh>

Any other suggestions?

--Tom "tearing my hair out over this" Pellitieri
Try before installing, cleaning the registry of:

HKLM\Software\Clients\Contacts\Lotus Notes
HKLM\Software\Clients\Mail\Lotus Notes


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Stan ReeserTechnology StrategistCommented:
Stopping the a/v monitor doesn't tell you that it isnt an a/v problem... you have to stop the device filters in the kernel (regedit) or uninstall (usually the easier option)  Try that before you go too much farther.
Stan ReeserTechnology StrategistCommented:
Also, do you have scheduled replication set up between the client and the server?
pellitieriAuthor Commented:
Thank you for all of your suggestions.  Unfortunately, we were unable to clear up this problem without completely rebuilding the machine from scratch (again...sigh).  I have asked customer support to assign points and close this question, since there wasn't a real answer.
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