3d accelerator card

I got "Call of Duty" game that requires "3D Hardware Accelerator Card - 100% DirectX 9.0b compatible 32MB hardware T&L-capable video card and latest drivers". I have integrated Intel Extreme Graphics2 and my computer freezes when I try to play. I read on this site that it is only for DirectX7 and is not T&L capable. Is it possible to install the correct 3d card and avoid any conflicts with existing integrated card? If it is possible, what card would you recommend? It seems very difficult to find any information or reviews about this.
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>Is it possible to install the correct 3d card and avoid any conflicts with existing integrated card?
yes it will work, but you don't have an HP do you?  HP are becoming historic on not allow users to add video cards.  However with any other system it should work fine.  Also, Do you have an APG slot?

>what card would you recommend?
need a little more info before I can recommend.  I need to know what the max AGP speed is for your motherboard, 2x, 4x, or 8x?  
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
depending on the era of your computer, if your computer is a recent one.  which sounds like it may.  Sounds like you have an Intel based motherboard.  Probably a P4 era system.  And that it is using your onboard ram (32mb) to give to the video card.  You can generally go into the bios and disable onboard video cards or set the priority to an AGP Slot and your new videocard should take precedent.  

Now on the card I would suggest is,
Any Nvida based video card starting with the Geforce FX series cards.  (those are the ones after the Geforce 4. And of which are the first to support DX9 from nvidia.)
Or any ATI Radeon Video card starting from the 9200 and up.  (since they also give support for DX9.)
Nvidia FX5200/5600/5900 or ATi Radeon 9500/9600/9800 are DirectX 9 ready card (if not mistaken) and all comes with AGP 8X but backward compatible with AGP 4X. I don't recommend you to use this card if you have a motherboard that only support AGP 2X.

Even if you get this card and your motherboard supports for either 4X or up to 8X, other factors may also need to be consider.
1. Have at least 384MB of RAM (XP uses lots of RAM almost 100MB) for optimal performance.
2. Hard disk with lots of free space. At least 500MB-1GB free space (after setting up your swap file.
3. Configure your swap file to at least 700MB and better on a different drive with equal performance.

Just plug in the new AGP card and windows will detect it and have the drivers CD ready. Download the latest Nvidia Detonator drivers Nvidia card or ATI Catalyst for Ati card.

Please check your motherboard specification FIRST before purchasing any new card. But I believe that a motherboard with Intel Extreme Graphic 2 is running with Intel 865/875 chipset that supports for AGP 8X. Good luck.

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all of the cards that have been stated above are good cards and you will be pleased. It depends on how much you are willing to spend.

>Download the latest Nvidia Detonator drivers Nvidia card
FYI : If you buy a Nvidia based card, don't download the current driver. Your game will not work.  In fact several games will not work.  You will have to use an older driver untill they fix their current problems with the driver that they have now.
do you have an agp slot?

this is your break point in upgrading the vid card(though some pci ones)

if you need help finding out post system specs here or get a prog called
sisoft sandra and do a system check and it will tell what you have

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