Skinning a Linux Operating System

HI I am very new to Linux, but am keen to learn more...
I would like to customise the interface of my operating system.
I have Mandrake installed.
Is this a very involved task, where can I go to learn more about this...
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>Is this a very involved task,
depends on what are you aiming for ...

>where can I go to learn more about this
1. website of your distro

2. Website of the session that you are using or etc.

3. The documentation at your machine (man pages sample configurations etc)

4. some general linux documentation site e.g.
myleseven2Author Commented:
HI Sorry for late reply,
I am interested in simplifying the whole interface to the extent that it would give the user very limited options.  You see my grandfather has alot of trouble using his computer one of the reasons is there are to many things that are made available to him and it confuses him. I would like to give him an environment where by if he wanted to use email he could just turn on the computer and click an email icon and it would open his email account. Or if he wanted to create a word document he could just click on an Icon and it would open up a text editor for him. If he wanted to turn the computer off there would be a big off button on the screen etc...
Do you know what I mean and what I would like to acheive...
myleseven2Author Commented:
P.s  thanks sunnycoder for your information so far, I aam about to go and check out the sites that you suggested before I allocate points...
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myleseven2Author Commented:
P.s  thanks sunnycoder for your information so far, I aam about to go and check out the sites that you suggested before I allocate points...
I understand that now ... I do not think that should be a very difficult thing to do ...

However, in my opinion, for general use, windows is much more friendly as compared to linux but since your grandpa wont be carrying out any admin tasks, linux should be all right ...

take your time
explore >" Website of the session that you are using or etc." < these sites first
I believe mandrake uses KDE as it's graphical interface.

The best way for you to set it up for your grandpa to use is by right-clicking on items in the panel (the thing with the icons at the bottom) and saying "remove from panel" on almost everything.

Then, you can add back only the icons which are necessary for gramps (like: right-click: add new launcher: kmail, or whatever).

The big thing that might confuse him is that "K" icon since it has a lot of sub-options, so you'll probably want to remove that.  The next place you'll get a lot of benefit is by going into the config/settings and turning it down so there is only one desktop (not 4 like default).  If you're serious about this, get in touch with me through email (ramses "zero" at yahoo) and I'll try and take some screenshots on my PC to help walk you through this.  It's not about the points, it's about the grandpa!  :^)


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myleseven2Author Commented:
This is all great advice guys thanks heaps for your input, ( as you can tell I don't have frequent access to the internet)

ramses0 I havn't had an opportunity to try out your advice yet but I would like to have a go soon, you sound like a pretty good person to want to help me like you have said, thanks alot  :)

I would like to take up your offer of emailing you, so if I get the chance to then I will
thanks again
myleseven2Author Commented:
I wanted to try and split the points to you both but E-E would not let me, I am not sure why... sorry about that so one of you had to get the points so I decided to give it to ramses0 because of his sincereness in wanting to help :)
>I wanted to try and split the points to you both but E-E would not let me,
If you ever need it future, the above link describes how to split
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