new memo not allowing new Personal Address entries to be inserted

Hi y'all,
    I have a problem with one user, when creating new memo and start typing in name of a newly created local mail group it does not find it with the type ahead, if add the group from the 'address..' box and press F9 to expand group it says that group cannot be found.  Older existing groups in the personal address book will work but if you add a name to them the name you add will not be shown when you expand with F9.
     I have tried:  Replace design on both server and local copies of mail database, Replace design on names.nsf on local, recreated indexes, check settings in user pref. 'names.nsf, dircat.nsf' , checked location document (which works on mine with same settings).

Hope this all makes sense, Thanks - Shane
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what is the setting in Location document?

is it first local then server?
What I mean is open location document, in mail tab, Recipient type ahead: it should be Local Then Server

You checked the Config. Document?
Under "Basics" -> "Type Ahead" Enable/Disable
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S_VincentAuthor Commented:
I have checked the location document and settings are local then server, the fact that it works with an old existing group has got me, if i delete a user out of an existing group in his personal addressbook it still shows the user when you use that group in a mail and press F9  -  Shane
is the user having 2 personal address books?

Check in user preferences.

It should be displaying one names.nsf. if it is having any other file listed, then check that database also.

What i think is, user/someone have added another address book file name in  File->Preferences->userPreferences_>mailandNews
Check local address books field. How many files are listed and what are they?

S_VincentAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but I have already tried that one, there was two entrys, name.nsf and dircat.nsf so I changed it to just names.nsf and also searched the HD for other names.nsf files but found none, but still same problem.
even if u have other names.nsf in ur computer, thier is no problem. It should be listed besides names.nsf in preferences.

So, did u tested adding group/person in names.nsf?
Built all the views with Sht+F9

Try only with names.nsf database. And before u go and create a new memo, press F9 in names.nsf for refreshing.

And delete cache.dsk in ur notes data folder. it won't effect anything and ur notes will be much faster.
1) Could there multiple replicas of names.nsf on his PC?

2) Are you sure that what he is editing is names.nsf?

3) Are you sure the copy he is editing is a local replica?

4) Have yuo checked the contents of the ($Users) view on his names.nsf... does it match what you expect?

5) As an emergency measure, have you tried recreating names.nsf as a new file?  Ask if you need to know how to do this safely!
S_VincentAuthor Commented:
Just doing some cleanup, My only solution for this was to uninstall notes (inc. registry entrys) and re-install, problem has now gone away.
I am asking for this matter to be closed and points refunded.

Regards - Shane
The question has been PAQ'd and the 125 points have been refunded.
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