opening a text file and writing contents to new filename

I need to open up a text file and then write the contents of that text file into a different file. Inside the text file there are some variables that need the values printed out in the new file. The Original file is merely a template and the other files have certain filenames changed accordingly. Does that make sens? I hope so.

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i don't quite understand what you're trying to do but i suppose it's something like this:

$readfilename = "file.txt"; // change this
$writefilename = "fileout.txt"; // change this too
$file = file_get_contents($readfilename);
eval("\$file = \"$file\";");
$fp = fopen($writefilename, "wb");
if(!$fp) {
  print "Error in opening file";
} else {
  $write = fwrite($fp, $file);
  if($write) {
    print "Successfully written to file";
  } else {
    print "Error writing to file";

tell me how you get on

Try doing this:
  $readfilename = "file.txt";
  $writefilename = "fileout.txt";
  $fd = fopen($writefile) or die("Could not open file.");
  $indata = file($readfile) or die("Could not open file.");
  foreach($indata as $curline){
    $outdata[] = preg_replace("/%([^ ]+)%/",$indata,$${1}); // <-- Notice the 2 $$ are wanted.
Notice that I've never tried to do the $$ stuff but I heard about it some time ago and ou seem to need it.
Otherwise just define a preg_replace for every variable you want to insert in the file.
rexburgessAuthor Commented:
Alright, this is what I came up with and it works like a charm.

lot.php  script


//open template file

//replace variables
$contents2=ereg_replace("VARIABLE_LOT_NUMBER", "$lot", "$contents");
$filename_template=ereg_replace("VARIABLE_PLAN_NUMBER", "$plan", "$contents2");

//create new file

//chmod new file
chmod("$full_file_path/lot$lot_number.html", 0777);

//open new file for writing
$filename_final=fopen("$full_file_path/lot$lot_number.html", "w")
  or die("<center>ERROR: Cannot open desired lot. Please try again later.</center>");
//write to new file

end  lot.php  script

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Might I just add a note here:

according to the php manual:

"preg_replace(), which uses a Perl-compatible regular expression syntax, is often a faster alternative to ereg_replace()."

Furthermore, str_replace() should be used in this case. Once again from the PHP manual:

"If you don't need fancy replacing rules, you should always use this function instead of ereg_replace() or preg_replace()."

I'm being fussy I know, but good habits make good scripts...
Yes that's right.
But I noticed that doing it your way, rexburgess, replaces just one kind of strings. If you have more than one substitutions defined in lot.txt you will have to do a foreach that cycles through the substitutions.
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