Exporting Messages from Outlook Express 6 to Outlook 2002

I have select file > export > messages and selected the folders I wish to export from Outlook Express 6.

However, when it gets to my Sent Items folder which has 516 messages in, it only exports 201!!!

Not sure why this is, but when I open the .pst file in Outlook 2002 there are only 201 messages. The last of these is frm June 2002. At first I thought it may be because those messages were written in an earlier version of Outlook Express, but upon checking their properties, they are the same version as the ones that have not exported (version 6).

Not sure what to check next?
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Hope you are doing the same as in here. Actually you can go inside outlook and import rather than export in OE

Here instead of Eudora select OE .. Donot allow duplicates.. I mean you can delete all messages in outlook 2002 and start this procedure from scratch

Donot close OE or outlook during this import procedure. ofcourse, it wont allow you even if you try to


Paul_BuckleAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but I have tried this and it still only brings in those 201 emails??

Even when importing through Outlook! The only thing I would say though is that when you are choosing the program to import from it only list versions 4 and 5 of Outllok Express and not 6!

Any other ideas?
what if you split the emails in parts of 200 mails per folder and export the folder seperately

then import them as seperate mail folder and move the messages to the main folder again?

you're doing this in outlook express to outlook or the other way around?

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i have done the same and I didnot face your issue ..

Yes there is no outlook express 6  . giving 4 and 5 is fine. It should work ...

Paul_BuckleAuthor Commented:
I am exporting messages from Outlook Express 6 to Outlook 2002/ or Importing from Outllook Express 6 into Outlook 2002, whichever way you want to look at it.

Thanks, I will try your suggestion.
I have tried this .. let me be clear

go to outlook
go to file and then import from there .. or just see the link I provided ( that is the way I have done)


There's a simple way around this.  Right click on your desktop and create a new folder.  Open outlook express highlight all the messages in your inbox (or which ever ones you want to transfer) and drag them to the folder on the desktop that you just created.  Close outlook express and open outlook 2002.  Drag the messages from the desktop folder into outlook.

Repeat for each folder you wish to transfer eg sent items/deleted items.

Hope tha makes sense!
Paul_BuckleAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your help.

I didn't try the last one, as it didn't pick it up until this morning, but it seems that by limiting my folders to 200 mails Outlook imported all the messages.

As soon as it hit a folder with more it just stopped at 201!!!

Very strange, but thanks to 'bruintje' for the suggestion. I can now copy the .pst folder across to my new machine and open it in Outlook.

I just installed Microsoft Office XP. For the first time, I'm trying to use Microsoft Outlook. But I get a screen that asks me to type in the name of my MIcrosoft Exchange Server. What is this, and where do I get that information? All I'm trying to do is configure MS Outlook to access my Hotmail account. I could do this on my laptop, but not on this machine, which ran MS Office 2000, before I installed Office XP. Any help will be appreciated.

I'm having the same bug with Outlook 2003 only importing 200 mails. microsoft don't seem to awknowledge the bug. The solution from Mr Skinny is handy but all the from header of all the mails get changed to the name of the mail account holder and the date gets changed to the time you import the mail from the tmp folder. So its not an ideal solution. Is there any other way of getting around this problem?
I am new and have attempted the instructions listed above.
I see something that may be an issue.

Firstly, I am attempting to import my email from Outlook Express 6 into Outlook 2002. Almost everything worked fine, but the files in the "sent folder" a certin ammount didnt transfer (I have about 7000 sent messages and about 6000 made it)

I think somethinhg could be up with this fact. My Outlook Express is "Outlook Express 6" and when I do the import from Outlook 2002  I chose the option to import from Outlook express, but I see that it only lists Outlook Express 4.x, 5 (and not listing Outlook Express6)
do you think that a conflict occurs as the Outlook 2002 is older then the Outlook express 6?

Please help!!!

Thank you
I did a bit more work and made the transfer work. One thing I noted was a fer emails in my "sent folder" had the outlook logo and a standard message saying that that message was not sent via the email program. once I deleated them then it worked.

Good luch to the others!
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