VB form loading automatically


Is it possible for a VB project/form to load automatically once the computer is turned on,
i.e. is it possible for the form to load without having to start VB.

If this is possible how is it done?

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  It is possible.  You have to make exe of the project.  In the Start-> Programs -> Startup
 add the short cut pointing to the project exe.  
When the computer is on it will run the project
Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
What you are trying to get?
Do you need to see the code only? if so, just open it with notepad:
create a shortcut in Start menu:

"notepad.exe C:\myprjects\form1.frm"
Or if you wish to directly open a project inside Visual Basic. ( Without the need to run Visual Basic first )

Just create a shortcut which will point to your project or form file.

Start-> Programs -> Startup.
Rightclick -> Create Shortcut
Under general tab set the name of the shortcut
Under shortcut tab set the target to your .vbp or .frm file   :    "C:\VBApps\App1\Project1.vbp"

Try double clicking on it, and if it works it will allways load on startup.
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I don't quite understand

Load the frm from exe? from file?

Without compile, you won't be able run.
Am I missing something?
Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
I think we are misunderstanding each other:
It is not so clear what  Reachtabhair try to do, hence my first comment. It appears like he/she want to run form1 without complile or without using VB IDE, i don't know.
More details would be nice as stated earlier.
ReachtabhairAuthor Commented:
Hi lads

I tried addind a shortcut from startup but I keep getting an error saying 'This program has performed an illegel operation and will be shut down'

The details describe the error as 'Explorer casused an invalid page fault module shell32.dll at 0167:7cbcf19'

All this makes no sense to me, have ye got any ideas?

Also in Programs--> there is a 'shortcut to Startup" !!!???

This opens the startup folder.
Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
But, please, say what is the REAL program in first place and why do you need to o`pen form without VB
ReachtabhairAuthor Commented:
Basically what I'm trying to do is when the computer is started (without having to ever touch the mouse or keyboard) the form for my project will automatically appear on the screen, as if by magic.  No hands!!!!!!
ReachtabhairAuthor Commented:
The program is gonna be used by a blind person and using a mouse and a keyboard just isnt gonna work, the program scans an image and reads it back to the user all voice recognised controls.

That why i'd like it to automatically startup without having to navigate through programs files anf folders etc.
I still don't understand the question

>>Basically what I'm trying to do is when the computer is started (without having to ever touch the mouse or keyboard) the form for my project will automatically appear on the screen, as if by magic.  No hands!!!!!!

>>The program is gonna be used by a blind person

Then why you need to start the form?

Just program your app as service and run as service


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