Two CD-Writers at a same time?

Can you tell me any tip and software so that i can run two cd-writers at a same time? i connected the two with my computer and start writing them but one was closed and other was working but i want to write data at the same time on two different cds with the two cd-writers.i will be thankful to you if you tell me the name of any software or any tip so that i can use the two cd- writers at the same time to write data.
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I don't believe this will be possible with a regular computer.  There are CD duplicators out there.  Take a look at for a few.
If it does work you will need to make sure you have the drives on a different IDE channel.  That much throughput to two drives on the same channel will certainly not work.
baburkhanAuthor Commented:
But i have seen a man using two cd-writers at the same time and he was using one same computer.Well may b two different drivers are handy for that.
Nero supports multi writers
but because i don't have two writers i never tested it
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WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
yes Nero (the full retail version) not OEM or bundled versions have that feature.

If you get Nero full retail version it will support as many drives as you have in your machine to do multi CD Burning on the fly.  Or Via image etc etc.  And yes I have tried this function with 4 burners in one system successfully as well as just two.  The drives I tried it with were the same type of drive same speed.   So I am not sure if you will produce different results or bad results with non paired CD burners.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Here is a link to nero's home page:

In case you need to order/download it.

Hello Barburkan,

As the Gurus have said above, Nero will do the job.  However, that is only one part of the equation.  You didn't mention what your hardware specifications were.  How fast is your processor?

CD-Burning is very CPU intensive, so you will need a good processor to successful burn two CDs at once.  I recommend having a processor with Hyper-Threading (HT) technology, as this splits the CPU tasks into two, so it's essentially like having two processors in one.  Having dual-channel DDR RAM, which like HT, also splits RAM tasks into two, would help as well.  You need to make sure that both burners feature Buffer-Underrun Protection.  Buffer-Underrun Protection helps feed a constant stream of data to the burner and prevents the burn from failing when data could not be fed to it fast enough.  Without this technology, you will wind up with a lot of CD coasters, even more than you would with a single burner.  Most new CD-RW's within the last few years should feature it.

If you want to be really hardcore, you can purchase a stand-alone CD-Burner rack, which can burn up to 12 CDs at once.

Good luck with that,

  You will need nero software wise.  Just open two instances of it and select the different burners.  I would suggest that you have the burners on different IDE chains.  This means that you should have one set as the slave on your primary IDE chain and then have the other one set as master on the secondary IDE chain.  This will help with the speed of writing to both of the burners.  (Autodetect them in bios once you have made the change).  Once you are in windows again open 2 instances of nero and burn away :)
  -Whil :)
another possibility is a prog called diskjuggler

available from

WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Well you dont need to open two instances of Nero.  And as Auriclus states having a faster machine is helpful...but just so you know...I was able to use Nero 5.4?  ish era nero....and an AMd Athlon 1800+ Processor with four 32x cdrw's (Lite-On) and burned with no problems.  So Kinda depends on if your system is older....but with two should be fine if your system is semi recent.  Also if you are burning Multiple Copies of one item or CD, you should be plenty fine.  It only needs to prepare for one CD and burn to multi recorders.  If you open two instances of Nero it needs to prepare for Two cd's....

Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
> CD-Burning is very CPU intensive
Its not so CPU intensive as it is I/O (harddrive) dependent.  If you have your storage drivers (IDE or SCSI, etc) configured properly, the CPU impact should be very minor; which is why most of the faster burners state that the minimum requirement is a 400MHz Pentium II.

I have burned two disks at once with Nero (one to a USB2 Yamaha burner, one to an ATAPI TDK DVD-+RW) and it *does* work, but Nero 6.0 doesn't seem to handle it too well (at least when burning two different CDs...haven't tried burning the same thing on both at the same time).  Nero 5.5 didn't seem to have any problems burning to both drives.  I haven't tried it lately, so maybe they patched 6.0 to work better in this regard.  Part of the problem also is Nero's buffering system, on my machine with 512MB, Nero allocates 64~80MB of RAM as its "Ultrabuffer" so running two concurrent sessions could cause some trouble.


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Thanks for the correction, Dog*

pegasysIT, System Admin, Development and Stack DevelopmentCommented:
You can also run 2 different applications. i.e. :

nero --> Running --> Writer 1
EZCD Creator --> Runnong --> Writer 2
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
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