how do I write a single column trigger?

I want to know how to write a trigger so that it fires only after a column value has been changed from a 0 to a 1?

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create trigger <triggername> on <tablename>
for update
if update(<yourcolumn>)
   update whatever you want from <tablename> a inner join inserted b
   on <tablename>.key = inserted.key
   where inserted.<yourcolumn> = 1


the if update(<yourcolumn>) will ensure that the inner code is executed only if <yourcolumn> is updated

don't forget that the inserted table may have several rows (case of a massive update eg)
the where clause will allow you to make changes only if the value in <yourcolumn> has been set to 1


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> I want to know how to write a trigger so that it fires only after a column
> value has been changed from a 0 to a 1?

Hilaire got you most of the way there, but if you want it to only execute when a column was changed from a 0 to a 1, then you'll need something more like this:
     CREATE TRIGGER YourTable_UpdateTrigger ON YourTable
     IF UPDATE( TheColumn )
          IF ( EXISTS(SELECT * FROM Inserted I INNER JOIN Deleted D ON I.PK = D.PK WHERE D.TheColumn = 0 AND I.TheColumn = 1) )
               /* Do what you wanted to do here */

I guess I need to know more about WHAT you want to do when the field changes to write it any better than that.

Hope That Helps,
Dishan FernandoSoftware Engineer / DBACommented:
IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sysobjects WHERE type = 'TR' AND name = 'TrggerName')
            PRINT 'Dropping Trigger TrggerName'
            DROP  Trigger TrggerName

PRINT 'Creating Trigger TrggerName'

CREATE Trigger TrggerName
      ON TableName


      INSERT INTO OtherTable(col,col...) -- OR Do what ever u want
            OneZeroChangeCol = 1


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