Running Total Query in Oracle

8i, Standard, no Analytic functions available....

I need to calculate a running total column which would be the sum of a column for all preceding rows including the current row. for example, if my data was:

1   100
2   100
3   50
4  25

and I was doing a running total on VAL, Ordered By ID, then my result set would be
1   100   100
2   100   200
3   50    250
4   25    275

etc, etc.

Any ideas?
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Given a table called exp_test, try something like this:

,            it1.val
,            (select      sum(it2.val)
             from      exp_test it2
             where <=            
from exp_test it1

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How about:

select id, val, (select sum(val) from mytable t2 where <= running_total
from mytable t1
order by id;
Try this:

select id,val, sum(val) over (order by id) Running_Total
from mytable
order by id

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