Debian Kernel Vulnerability

I'm running Debian 2.4.18.  I've read there is a vulnerability in the kernel.  Where do I get a fix for this?
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MKraussConnect With a Mentor Commented:
2.4.18 is not that bad, with 2.4.19 there came the ptrace isssue and with 2.4.20 or 21 had
the iptables problem and 2.4.22 has a userspace/security prob which is going back to 2.4.18 .
If you're not having external (inet) traffic to this host and its your private host then i would
leave it. If not then you MUST go to 2.4.23 !

For fixing the best is downloading the kernel image from .

Here a short description on howto (no danger ....) :
-get the packages: fakeroot,ncurses-dev,automake,kernel-package .
-untar the new kernel image somewhere on your disk
-ln -s /somewhere/image /usr/src/linux
-cd /usr/src/linux
-cp /boot/config2.4 ??? /usr/src/linux/.config (hide it with the dot !)
-make oldconfig
-make menuconfig (optional for changing the config)
-make dep clean bzImage (watch for "exit" errors do not continiue when they occure)
-make modules bzlilo modules_install ( "             "               "          ")
-modify lilo.conf to your belongings and reboot
-when restartet you check with dmesg for you current version.

those steps are not just any pasted links, its a common working procedure.
... have fun


shivsaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

unpack the kernel sources in
/usr/src/kernel-source-2.4.20 and cd-ing there:

# cp /boot/config-2.4.20 .config
# make-kpkg binary --bzimage --initrd

and then dpkg -i the resulting kernel-image deb in /usr/src --
this was for 386.

Just do "apt-cache search kernel-image" at the command line. Soon it
will appear a list of available kernel-images pre-compiled. Choose that
best fit to your system and do, as a root, "apt-get install <the name of
the image you chose.


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sorry I messed up the cut and paste heres the file link again

joele23Connect With a Mentor Commented:
and again

thats it I promise

reminder to self 'do not try to multi-task to much when youve been up for 20 hours'
GnustomeAuthor Commented:
shivsa, I executed:
apt-cache search kernel-image

I don't know which of the following to use, since I installed bf2.4 on 386 architecture that uses an AMD K6-II:

u can use these 2.

i think the servers are not upto sync and new images are not posted for apt-cache. then u might wanna go to website and load the image from there.

whatever easy/convenient for u.

apt-cache is really good because this does all the job for u, search and install.
GnustomeAuthor Commented:
My Linux partition has direct connection to the internet through a router.  I hope I'm not being redundant, MK, but does your post dated 12/5/03 explain how to change from 2.4.18 to 2.4.23?
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