PHP Profiling


I need a good free program to profile PHP Scripts.

I need it to be a script that analyses(or runs) my code, and tells me how long it takes each part to run.

It can't be one that requires me to add profiling code into my actual Script(most of it is already written), and inserting a load more code would take a _lot_ of time, which kind of rules the PEAR profiler(and similar) out.

I don't have time to be experimenting/testing different ones at the present minute(and this is pretty urgent).

If anyone has any experience in this field............

I had a look at Califa, it seems to be what I want, but it also seems ancient, and I'm not sure if it will work with PHP4/PHP5 since it was written for PHP3, and doesn't seem to have changed since.
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lozlozCommented: - click on the profiler there to see if it can do what you want.. i know it's not free, but you can try the evaluation version - not sure if it has the profiling features though. if you could get it for free some how then it looks like it'd do the job nicely

profiler is disabled in the evaluation unfortunately

aolXFTAuthor Commented:
APD(from PEAR) seems interesting. Anyone have any experience using it?

Zend Studio is out of the question since it is not free. No point in evaluating something that I know I'm not going to have.
aolXFTAuthor Commented:
I've decided to go with APD from Pear.

I'm going to wrap it up into a script, so that I can run a command like php_profile script.php, and get the relevent output.

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