getting RGB (unsigned char *) from JPEG (binary).

Could somebody guide me how to convert JPEG to RGB?

Any suggestion.
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neel3333Author Commented:
I found some code.
 jpeg_decompress_struct cInfo;
     FILE *filePtr;
     unsigned char     *imageData;
     unsigned int     imageWidth;
     unsigned int     imageHeight;
     unsigned char     bitDepth;

     filePtr = fopen(path, "rb");
     jpeg_error_mgr jerr;
     cInfo.err = jpeg_std_error(&jerr);
     jpeg_stdio_src(&cInfo, filePtr);

     jpeg_read_header(&cInfo, TRUE);
     bitDepth = cInfo.num_components;
     imageWidth = cInfo.image_width;
     imageHeight = cInfo.image_height;

     imageData = ((unsigned char*)malloc(sizeof(unsigned char)*imageWidth*imageHeight*bitDepth));



but it seem that it does not get pass jpeg_finish_decompress(&cInfo) when I compile the code. Someone plz help me get the imageData from jpeg image.

thank you.
I don't know aanything about those jpeg_Xxxxx calls you are making.  But...

If you are programming for Windows, there is an API that loads a JPG file and produces a bitmap image in memory.   That lets you get the image data in RGB format quit easily.  See these references for the first step.  When you are able to successfully load a JPG file, then post back and I'll show you how to obtain RGB values from the image data.

    C++ Q&A: Displaying a JPG in your MFC Application -- MSDN Magazine, October 2001

    OleLoadPicture API call

    SAMPLE: How to Load and Display Graphics Files with LOADPIC.EXE

-- Dan

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The standard jpg library (from the jpeg group page) has code to decompress into a targa. An uncompressed targa (one of the options) is a rgb file with headers, I hacked this code to return the rgb array in short order.

neel3333Author Commented:
I did that at first, but the
    put_scanline_someplace(buffer[0], row_stride);
has undeclared identifier.
My idea of the whole thing is get the unsigned char* of the image, b/c my SetDIBitsToDevice() function only accept unsigned char *.
Plz help ASAP.

Thank you
You are clearly using Windows.  Are you set on using the standard jpg library, or have you tried using the OleLoadPicture API?  

If you are in a hurry, I can help, but not if you will be using some third-party library code.

-- Dan
neel3333Author Commented:
I'm using standard jpg library
neel3333Author Commented:
Hi Dan. Sorry we did not able to reply your post in time.
We modified the loadpic code to recieve jpeg file, but we a problem with displaying the images. I didn't have the code on the machine, but I'll put it up later. Basicly, I deleted most of the option with loadpic  and inserted socket to recieve the gif file and then loading it.

Right now I'm have problem of view sequence of files (streaming).
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