Ability to have access to Outlook Folders on multiple workstations

I have come into a situation where the CEO of our company wants to be able to access personal folders Inbox/Contacts/Calendar etc from multiple computers...

We have MS Exchange Server 5.5, and the CED has a Dell Inspiron 8100, a Compaq IPaq, and soon to have a Dell Optiplex.

The CEO has the ability to logon to our domain via VPN from home.  However, when the CEO is offline, they want to be able to access their outlook data, and cannot.

Is it possible to be able to use Outlook whether your online or not...w/o having to create a *.pst file on the notebook?

How can I be sure that the notebook will properly sync itself when offsite connected to the VPN, with a local *.pst file?
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You can use Outlook offline.  Go to Tools-Options-Mail Services and click 'Enable offline access'.  You can specify other synchronization options here too.  For e.g. you can set it up so Outlook automatically synchronizes every hour or every time your CEO exits etc.  Then you can go to Tools-Sychronize to specify which folders you want synchronized, where the offline file is stored etc.  F9 will synchronize all folders configured for offline use.  You can also synch selectively.

I use this all the time and it is very helpful.

p.s. I am not an Exchange expert - just a user.  Just happened to know a little something about this question.
Exactly as inatup explained but I would like to add the bit of info CEO loves to experience:
If you have Public folders on your Exchange Server, drag and drop the public folder to be accessible offline in
Public Folders/All Public Folders/Favoriites
Convenient if you are sharing Contacts PF


brewcokeAuthor Commented:
inatup -

When you say Go to Tools-Options-Mail Services...I don't have the "Mail Services option in 2k or 2k2.  Is it possible it is listed somewhere else.  I looked for info under the exchange properties, but no luck.  Could you post the exact instructions?

stefri -

Public Folders/All Public/Favorites.  Is that a universal link that is used by Outlook?  I was unable to find that too.
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How is configured Outlook ?
Corporate Workgroup accessing Exchange using MAPI
Internet Mode only using POP/IMAP Protocol


brewcokeAuthor Commented:
Outlook is configured using MAPI I believe.  When you setup a new account you simply list the server name and the user name to setup a user.

Do you see your folder list?
View/Folder List
In this pane, you should see
Outlook Today Mailbox soAndSo
the ol standard folders

Public Folders with a + sign
All Public Folders
  list of PFs
brewcokeAuthor Commented:
^ Is there a way I can acomplish this without storing gigs of old e-mail on my server?
I am afraid I am lost...
Big boss wants to access his mailbox whatever computers hooked to the network:
you are using Exchange using MAPI protocol
When you configured OL, you gave the Exchange server name
If you rightClick OL icon, Properties: Delivery tab will show delivery location
If set to personal folder, the mails are extracted from the server to a file residing on the PC (more or less equivqlent to POP protocol where mails are sucked in your pc from the server); the mails, contacts, appointments are therefore not accessible as they have drop to the PC
If Delivery location points to Mailbox - big boss (which is on the server), it can be accessed from any PC if the profile is configured the same way.

brewcokeAuthor Commented:
The goal is to not have the pst files stored onto the notebooks for security.  By moving the archive folders to the Favorites folder under the Public Folders does it not store the archive e-mail on the Exchange server?  It is not uncommon for our e-mail users to have 500mb-2gb of archived e-mail.  
The Favorites under Public Folders is somewhat like a Shortcuts folder.  The data under Favorites (when online) is the same as under the Public Folders.  The only difference (as far as I know) is that you can synch the Favorites folder and use it offline, but you cannot access Public Folders offline.
as inatup mentionned, you cant drag and drop pst to Favorites.

As I said, if CEo wants to access his mails, etc from any PC, they have to stay on the server.


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