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I get this compiler error message

what does this mean:

warning: passing arg 1 of `strlen' makes pointer from integer without a cast
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you're probably calling a function such as:

function1(int* intVar);

with the function call:


In which case, the strlen funtion returns an integer, but your funtion wants a pointer to a value (integer or otherwise).  C will not dereference and convert this to a pointer, but will take the value as is and use it as a pointer, a flaw which can prove fatal to your program.
buckeyes33Author Commented:
the lines the the compiler are telling me tis the problem are for for loops

here is an example

 for(i = 0; i <= strlen(*pbin1)- 1; i ++)
      if(*pbin1[i] != BINNUM1 && *pbin1[i] != BINNUM0)
        j = 1;
buckeyes33Author Commented:
The problem is that I can not use a pointer to determine the string length.  
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Hi buckeyes33,

What's the declaration for pbin1

>warning: passing arg 1 of `strlen' makes pointer from integer without a cast
means that the first argument being passed to strlen is supposed to be a char * but you are passing an int instead and that too without explicitly casting it

for(i = 0; i <= strlen(*pbin1)- 1; i ++)
pbin1 could be a char * or an int * but *pbin1 means the value at that address which will be a char or an int ... You need to pass the starting "address" of the string

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buckeyes33Author Commented:
I figured it out and ask CS to delete question they just have not yet.
buckeyes33Author Commented:
I just decided that since Sunnycoder got the correct answer that I will accept his question.  I did not state how I figured it out where as he did.
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