Fails to boot W2k.

I have Linux, 2k and 98 are installed on my PC. They were all working but I had to boot Linux from a floppy, so I tried to use BootMagic. This won't load Linux so I tried to go back to the default windows loader, but it didn't have the 2k option, so I installed BootMagic on 98 and tried to use that to boot W2k, but when I select it from the menu I get-
Preparing machine to load "Windows2k"

And it just hangs there.

Any ideas??
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Are these all different hard drives ?

One is set as active in the BIOS !

which one was active before you tried to mess around with the boot loader ?

lets start there

EoinbnAuthor Commented:
No they are all on one harddrive, which has been partition.
98 is on the primary and 2k is on the extended partition.
is your W2K is on the 2 first gigabytes of the HDD ?

windows require that is system (9x, NT, 2K and XP) have a part of there installation on the 2 first Gigabytes

for example y can't do this

Win98 <5GB>
W2K <10GB>
Linux <3GB>
DATA <100GB>

you must set like this for example

Win98 <1.5GB>
W2K <10GB>
Linux <3GB>
DATA <100GB>

on this configuration the win2K partition start at the 1.5GB of the HDD so it will work

be careful to your MBR and to set Win98 and Win2K on primary partitions
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EoinbnAuthor Commented:
I had it set to

Win98 10GB
W2k 10GB
Linux 5GB
Data 15GB

and it was working. I changed it to 5GB 15GB 5GB 15GB and it was still working.
Rob StoneCommented:
Have you tried the recovery console?

Try FIXBOOT to see if that helps.

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Can you boot to Linux with the boot disk you have !
EoinbnAuthor Commented:
Yeah I can boot linux with a floppy.

I will try recovery console tomorrow, if I can find my W2k dsic :p

Rob StoneCommented:
If you can't download the 4 setup disks from and go to the recovery console from there.
Hows it going ?
EoinbnAuthor Commented:
Hey again
Ok I got it working but I am not 100% sure how! I ran FIXBOOT and changed around the boot.ini file.
I think possibly that the boot.ini file was pointing to the wrong place.

I am going to give the points to Stoner79, as it was after I ran FIXBOOT and mod the .ini file (Which I  googled on FIXBOOT)

Thanks everyone.
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