Address books synchronization!

Have serveral address books on serveral domino servers version 5 at different sites! How to synchronizate those address books?

What are the difference of address books synchronization of domino server ver6 difference from server5? Which one is better and easy to implement!

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Really not sure what you are asking!
If you are saying that each server has its own non-replica address book, but yuo want all users to be able to send mail to users in any address book, then you need to set up Directory Assistance.

DIrectory Assitance DOES NOT require that a replica of the "other" address books reside on teh same server.  The server can look up addresses across the network.  But, if there are slow or unreliable or long links between servers, you are better off setting up replicas of ALL address books on ALL servers, and setting up Directory Assistance on each server to use the local copy.  hem, set up replication schedules to allow the copies to keep up to date.

R5 and R6 implement this nearly idnetically.
If you need details on how to implement the above, see DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE in Administrator help.  Or, ask here, and someone will give advice.
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R6 has more superior performance over R5 the way it stores/access information from Domino Directory (NAB).

Replication is a way where the names.nsf are synchronized accross all the servers. The above link gives you indepth information on how this lookups are done and other basic explanation.

Here is the help doc on how to setup replication

Create Connection documents to schedule replication of the Domino Directory on all servers in the Domino domain. Since the Domino Directory is central to a Domino system, it's important to replicate it frequently. Although the replication schedule you select ultimately depends on the configuration of the servers in the domain, in general, replicate the Domino Directory at least every 30 minutes or, if the directory is large and changes frequently, every 10 to 15 minutes.
Schedule the Administration Requests database (ADMIN4.NSF) to replicate as frequently as you replicate the Domino Directory. The Administration Process, which simplifies some administration tasks, uses the Administration Requests database and the Domino Directory to do its work. If the Domino Directory is large, create a Connection document to schedule replication of only the Domino Directory and the Administration Requests database.
Do u have cross certificates with those servers?

If so, then edit ur notes.ini file and add

Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
Don't use the notes.ini modification of NAMES=...

That's an obsolete solution.  Use the Directory Assistance tip instead.  If you need mail-addres resolution only, check the information on (Mobile) Directory Catalog in the help.
You'll need to cross-certify all your organizations/servers, though.

You'll probably want to consolidate your different servers/domains into a single organization at 1 point (probably not immediately, since this can be rather difficult and tedious), since that allows for easier administration (I suppose you are the administrator of a single company with different sites?).  


I know that we can use directory assistance.

Just one question.
How we can do the same in versions prior to 5? Is it  not the same to add in notes.ini?

Everyone likes to do the same to add in notes.ini

Its easy for them. Directory assitance is a new concept and thery don't want to use it. I saw some companies who are doing in this way.
I am not pointing that mine is correct, just I want to let u know what is the situation on directory assistance.

-Thanks. And no hard feelings.

DA is hardly new.  It is about 5 years old.

Your two posts contradict each other.  R6 directory performance is increased only due to better cacheing... but the cache will be invalidated by too-frequent replication. Of course, busines needs come first, and a need for an up to date directory may be more imprtant than a need for a quick mail environment.

I fond that article rather amusing in that most of it really applied to both R5 and R6, but they didn't mention it.  "Userless" directories are possible in R5.  Just as in R6...

* break the durectory into users and everything else (you can keep mail-only groups with the users)
* put the user directory on a central directory server
* set up directory assistance on all servers (including the central directory server), so that the user directory is included in teh directory list
* set up policy so that all new users get their Location doc's Directory Server set to the central Directory Server

The only real benefit R6 adds here is that the Location doc Directory Server can be forced to change at any time, not just at setup.
Qwaletee and Tom,
sorry for my ignorance. I thought it is new in R5.

New in 4.5, I think.  Definitely available in 4.6.
cindy211Author Commented:
Dear experts, my each domino server has its own non-replica address book, but  want all users to be able to send mail to users in any address book, then need to set up Directory Assistance?

Could anyone explain more about the implement and advantages of directory assistance rather than replication? Thanks!!

Did u tried my option?

Should work. Since u have a copy of all the servers addres books, then in the server,
names=names.nsf, ursecondaynames.nsf,third.nsf

Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
M&Q: Directory assistance was new in 4.6.2, and had some issues back then (something to do with webusers in secondary addressbooks)

Cindy: You still want to replicate all the addressbooks to 1 server, then you can set up Directory Assistance, but for mail-only purposes, you may want to use Directory Catalog -> check the Administrators help to set it up.  That will basically create a new Directory with all the contacts from all the other sites combined in it, and the server will use it automatically to process mail.  Another advantage for the Directory Catalog is that you can distribute it to mobile users.  Using a profile document (in names.nsf) you can automatically create a replica on the user's pc's.  Then they will also be able to do mailaddressing when not connected....



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Directory Assistance, or DA, is not difficult.

Create a new database from the DA tenplate.
Create a document for each "external" directory you want to use on the local server.  You can ignore the */*/*/*/* tab, and just fill out server and file names on the last tab.

When done, edit the server document for the local server in its local directory.  There is a field where you specify the filename for DA.  Add it.

Restart your server.

Note: In the DA database, the documents reference a single directory each.  That directory can be in a local file, or on a different server.  Specifying the "source" server leaves you always up to date, but wth slow network lookup.  Replicating a local copy and referencig it takes disk space, adds an update lag, and MAY inreases overall network traffic, but you will get much better lookup performance.
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