How do you reply to an experts answer

I'm probably blind.........but how do you reply to the answers that the experts give you. I posted a question today that received 4 replies, but didn't solve the problem. I ended up accepting an answer that didn't totally solve the problem. I was hoping to find a link to give a counter question......Ah fiddlesticks!

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   At the end of the page is big white box like this.  Write your reply.  If this is your question, I was wondering why you accepted the last answer when my was correct.

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imnionAuthor Commented:
I hope this is the reply box that their calling the "Post a Comment box"..........Yes, as I stated in the previous post, the icon question never was solved. I tried all the suggestions and downloaded that favorg program. But that only made the small icons on your "Favorites List" better. The Desktop issue is still there. I even tried to delete the ESPN and CNN shortcut icons and then go back to the respective sites and create new ones. But to no avail. Still the generic shortcut icon.

You got the posting correct.  I reread your message and misunderstood it the first time. You are referring to icons on your desktop and not on your favorite folder.  There is file call shelliconcache that contains all the icons.  it is probably corrupted.

Delete ShellIconcache in C:\Windows. Reboot and Windows will reinstall it. The file is a hidden file. So, to see it you need to unhide the file. At any Windows click View > Options > View. Click on "Show hidden files and folders". Click OK.
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imnionAuthor Commented:
Boy ! That sounded really good.........found the hidden file, deleted it, rebooted, deleted CNN generic icon, went to CNN site and created another shortcut and................................ugh! another generic icon.

Think I gotta delete em outta the recycle bin also?

When you say you created the CNN shortcut from the website, what do you mean?  Is this the shortcut to their webpage?  If it is, then my original post hold.  The CNN.ico file is in the Temperary Internet Files folder.  Find it there, save it to a safe place.  The going to the shortcut properties and change icon.  Navigate the safe place where you store the CNN.ico file.
Dear imnion,

If you have accepted comment of an expert which didnot solve your issue ,just post a 0 pt in CS requesting mod to
open the question. So the question would come back from PAQ to open area .. Now you should be able to accept the correct comment

imnionAuthor Commented:
I have checked those files and the generic CNN shortcut is in there also.........maybe delete all the temp internet files and the generic icons and start fresh. Then if I get them back, find and save thm like you said.
Whatcha think? Other then "What kind of a stupid problem is that anyway"?

Yes, you can try deleting all the temp files and see how it goes.

I assume from what you have been describing, that you have some difficulty in identifying features on each page.

The site recently had an overhaul, and unfortunately was designed for non-colourblind people with large screen sizes.  The links, etc can be more difficult to see compared to the previous layout, but the "Post a Comment box" is pretty easy to locate, as you have now found.

TIP:  If you are posting another question at any time, when revisiting it replace the "www" part in the address bar with "oldlook"  eg. click on the link below to see THIS question reloaded in the previous layout:

You may find that easier to navigate, but I believe the old appearance will only be temporarily available for a limited period.
imnionAuthor Commented:
Tried the delete temp files..............deleted and cleared the CNN icon in the recycle bin, rebooted again, went to CNN, right clicked, created shortcut.............generic icon still.      I don't know    

Thanks again
imnion, I am out of ideas.  I have asked the other experts from the old question to come here to help you.
imnionAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your time.......appreciate it. You need the pts. for the how to reply question? I'll go ahead and except that.
How did you create the shortcuts on your desktop to begin with?
Did you simply drag and drop one of the links from your "Favorites" folder there?

If so, then do you necessarily need an icon specific to each of them, or would it be sufficient to just have a uniquely different one for each of your links so you can identify them easily?

If this would do, then it's pretty easy to change an icon for a shortcut to a web page.  Normally, a shortcut to a windows program or to a file on your computer is a ".LNK" file type, however a shortcut to a web page or email address are different file types known as ".URL".

A .URL shortcut can be of several different types, eg. HTTP (web page), MAILTO (email address),  FTP (as is says),  FILE (a web page on your computer), and a few others.

These different .url types are known as "Protocols" and the "actions" for each are dictated by registry settings which "associate" them with the different programs such as Internet Explorer, Outlook Express etc on your computer.  There is a setting in your registry that tells each of these what "Default Icon" to display for each of them, and this is generally the blue "e" found within "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\url.dll".

These urls are automatically given this icon when viewed inside your "Favorites" folder, but if you just create a couple of shortcuts to web pages on your desktop, then each shortcut is treated independently of the other, and you can easily change its icon without affecting the "default" icon setting.

Try this:

RIGHT-Click in your Address Bar right now while you are viewing this page.
Select "Copy"
Now open your "Show Desktop" link in your Quick Launch Toolbar
Right-Click on your Desktop and select "New > Shortcut"
In the field "Command Line", use the keys Ctrl and V to paste the web address
Click "Next" and name it accordingly
Click "Finish"
OK, you have a shortcut with the standard blue "e".
Right-Click on this shortcut and select "Properties"
Under the "General" tab, you will see that it is now a ".URL" file type rather than a .LNK
Click to open the "Web Document" tab and then click "Change Icon"
You will probably find that it will open in the path "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\url.dll" where that default icon is.
Click "Browse" and navigate to "C:\Windows\MORICONS.DLL" where you will find a selection of older DOS ones.
Double-Click to retrieve it, and then click "Apply" to set it.

This is just an example, practically every .exe file, and many .dll files have icons inside them.  If you know for certain that one of these files will always be present, then the icon will stay as set.

Why not download some icons of your own and then set each shortcut to display it.  Put each .ICO file anywhere, but no harm right in the root of your C:\ Drive.  There are programs that allow you to extract icons from files, but you should find some suitable ones to download for free.

Here's one found at random on  Right-Click on the following link and select "Save Target As" to download a .zip file.
Just unzip that file to a folder named "desktop", rename it as "extra_icons", and copy it to your C Drive.  In fact, the .CNN one is in a sub-folder named "Commercial".
It WON'T, however, retain the icon association of copied to your "Favorites" folder.  I've just tested this.

I hope this helps you.
Whooops, I'm wrong there, it did retain it when I re-opened my favorites bar in IE.
imnionAuthor Commented:
Hey BillDL,
Those downloaded icon files worked great. Go to go now.....Thanks

This question started out on how to reply to an answer and war1 answered that. However, I need to give you the credit for the icon question except I allready excepted an answer mistakenly yesterday. Can I change that one? And if so, how?

Thanks again
Don't worry about it, imnion.  I just hated to see you trying all the things that should have worked, but for some reason didn't.

As far as this question goes, war1 answered what you were asking, and I was already aware of that when I posted.  Just think of it as a "freebie"  :-)

Glad this "workaround" has helped you.  While you are at it, create any new shortcut on your desktop.  It doesn't have to have a target for now, but do a bit of exploring and you will be amazed at just how many .dll and .exe files have some great icons hidden inside them that you could use to customise your start menu entries or any other shortcut.

C:\windows\system\shell32.dll - all the windows explorer icons in there
C:\windows\system\PIFMGR.DLL - some classic ones commonly used for DOS shortcuts (.PIF files)

Just as an extra useless piece of info, your registry holds details of the "default icons" that show for registered file types.  Where a file has several icons inside it, they are referenced as a number starting at zero.  This is known as the "ordinal", and you would commonly see this expressed something like:


Another useless piece of interesting info from BillDL  :-)
   For getting the icons for imnion and for your selfless act, get your points here
Thank you war1.
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