Make a Crosstab display all rows, even if there is a zero total for that row

I cannot find any answers anywhere to this question. I am trying to make a crosstab that will show all rows even if there is no data to display.

My problem is that I need to regually generate a report and export its data to an Excel spreadsheet. If there is no data for a particular row, CR wont display this row at all. So when I export to Excel, the data shifts up or down depending on what records were omited.

An example of what I am trying to do is:

               JAN     FEB     MAR    TOTAL
Age Group
17 and under   6       0       10     16
18-24          0       0       0      0
25-34          1       7       2      10
TOTAL          7       7       12     26

If it doesn't look right, copy and paste it into Notepad. Thanks.
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One or more of these techniquest may be useful for you.  In general, these tend to indicate that you use a formula somewhere in the row to force the row's appearance.

Another option would be to add a very small value (0.000001) to your January values, for example, and let the formatting and rounding features in CR take care of suppressing the fractional part.  This would give you a non-zero value which should be displayed.  This may cause problems with Excel export, however.
coultoneAuthor Commented:
It is hard to explain. My problem consits of a table containing the field I want the crosstab to show, and a look-up table containing all the fields that that field can contain.

My look-up table contains values such as CD, GF, HG, RF, RS and UM. These are codes that refer to an organisation category. The table that contains the data, may not neccesarily contain an organisation category, but I need the row to appear anyway with the row label and a zero or even "NA"in its place.
In general you cannot report on data that doesn't exist.  You need a source table which contains a list of all possible row labels and then link this table to your current table.  If you are using a pc database this will give you the result you want; if its SQL server or some other SQL database then you will need to change the link to a left outer join to pull in all the list values.


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Can you base your report off a stored procedure or query?

What you'll need to do is generate those empty rows as part of your query, something like this:

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