Why is there another main C:\ thing in my computer? HELP!

I just discovered a file by the name of 922.......... like 15 digits long in my C: drive and it was just created by something. The thing about it is, is that it has all the main system files in it like at.exe, taskmgr.exe, and 1,510 other objects along with that, and I can't figure out how it just appeared there two hours ago. Any info on this would be awesome, thanks.
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So do you say going to My computer you are seeing 2 C drives ?

blackice7Author Commented:
NO, there is a new folder with a name that is made up of like 15 random digits and inside it there is what looks like all the C:\  programs and stuff, but no folders inside that
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Do you remember when it would have occurred or came all of a sudden.. Do you remember doing any change to the system

blackice7Author Commented:
It was about 3 hours ago now, and I was doing mutiple things at once. I am downloading a windows service pack 4 right now! wait, would that have something to do with it? also, I just updated my virus software after I saw this new folder and it says that I have 7 new viruses...so far on my computer.
You may want to stop downloading the service pack 4 .. Use the Anti-virus and remove all the virus it had shown..

then again confirm that you donot have any virus and then download the service pack

blackice7Author Commented:
Hmmm, it may be a little late for that, since the Download just finished, and when I clicked the help button, it opened a readme file, and then I noticed that the readme was in the 992......... file. I was downloading the service pack to the cd.
Since you have downloaded from microsoft website it should be genuine.. I have not done this downloading service pack to CD ..In that case it could be  a trustworthy one

blackice7Author Commented:
 The looked at the file again, and I realized that the whole thing had dissapeared. I guess it was the Service Pack 4. Good going Matthew, using your head...grr....Well, thanks Sunray7, I suppose I should give you the points?
if you feel so ..

Rob StoneCommented:
It would have been SP4.

It depends how you downloaded it, if you saved the file or opened it from the website.

When you run SP4 it creates a temp directory on the C:\ (and I think beings with the letter d).

If you want to specify the location run W2KSP4.exe -x and then you are prompted to put in the location you want to extract the files.

If you stop the SP as sunray says, the temp folder is removed.

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