installing a new HDD

i have installed a new HDD on my linux redhat 9 machine.. but it has detected it as a new hardware on reboot. plus what do i need to do to make it available to the system

mount it rite.. well i need help.. Thanks in advance
and do i need to format it or something like for file system .. etc.. like we do in windows
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lomareeAuthor Commented:
or maybe if i do fdisk /dev/hdb and then partition it rite.. rite
To add a disk to an existing system you need to first use fdisk to set up one or more partitions. Then it's necessary to use mke2fs to make a file system on the new partition(s). Once those tasks have been completed you can modify /etc/fstab to mount the new file system at boot.
lomareeAuthor Commented:
yeah i got that one correct , i have also formatted the newly partitioned hdd using

mkfs -t ext2 -j /dev/hdb1

but now i can't seems to mount the file system . what do i do .
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If you have a valid file system on the partition you need a mount point for it (e.q., 'mkdir /new-disk') and you should then be able to mount it with 'mount /dev/hdb1 /new-disk'. To have it mounted at boot an entry in /etc/fstab is needed, something like:

/dev/hdb1                /new-disk           ext3    defaults        1 2

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mkdir /mnt/drive2
mount -t ext2 /dev/hdb1 /mnt/drive2

Should do the trick:)...obviously as root!
I believe I provided the answer to this question.
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