Xp gives blue screen of athlon xp 1700+, 128mb ram, geforce2 64mb gigabyte 7va motherboard!

I have this problem with my desktop it is a gigabyte 7va based system the mother board has a 333mhz fsb, support for pc 2100 to 3200 ram! agpx8! i use an amd athlon xp 1700+ with it, 128mb pc 2100 ram, geforce 2 mx 400 agpx4 64mb graphics, xp gives me blue screens either halfeway through installtion or a few months after installation usually when playing game or something, it is not overheating or anything, i use a mpa3035 fujitusu 3.24gb hard disk!
windows 98se crashes and won't be usable properly it ain't a hard disk problem as i have tried diffrent ones! please help! it has a 350w psu! it is not over clocked!
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Have u try to change a ram for test??
Is the tempeture at the standard level??
Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
This is probably due to a faulty RAM stick or some messed up BIOS setup.
First of all enter setup (press DEL during post)  and load the default settings. save and exist.
If you have some spare known good working RAM stick(s) then you can test by replacing yours.
If not, a very good free tester can be found at www.memtest86.com Let it run for 4-6 hours. However, even if the RAm test software sais you sticks are OK, that's not 100% sure, so a spare stick is the best solution.
Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
Has your power supply enough power for your demands? Remove the CDROM / CDRW and any unnecesary hardware and boot up. This way you test also the possibility of a hardware failure on that devices.
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I had this similar problem. Funny problem as OS wometimes work and somtime refuse to boot with blue screen. Reinstall will stops halfway even after reformat. But I solved the problem by changing the IDE ribbon cable. Maybe you can try that.
Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
shaharidzal thats a good idea i never thought of that yes even after low level format it still does this and also the cable did take a lot of twisting turning and got squashed when i built my pc!  it is not the ram that is causing the problem as it is a brand new stick! 128mb pc2100 184pin ddr ram by PNY!

kronostm i only have a cd-rom and floppy drive! nothing else to overload the power supply! i have tried uneecsary hardware still no luck i done without tv tuner and disabled my onboard sound!
Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
<< it is a brand new stick! 128mb pc2100 184pin ddr ram by PNY!  >> That makes me more confident that it's a bad RAM stick. Being brand new doesn't means it's ok.  Usually this kind of RAM failures are "built-in" from factory and don't "develop" in time.

  Well, I said my opinion, now it's up to you.

Good Luck

Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
no not brand new had for like a few months working fine i don't have any ram to test it with besides i need to buy new hard drive first before buying more ram! i am only a student so have a very limited i.t. budget!
Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
ok..... if you can't even borrow one for testing then download memtest86 and let it run a few hours.
Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
ok one problem i hardly am allowed to use internet at home! and very difficult to download in school! how big is te file!
Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
tiny 64k
Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
excellent how long u online for i am school rite now!
Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
usually untill 16.00 GMT
Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
is that geometric time as in 16;00 in english time! erm i don't do geography i was going to wish i did now! lol but chose history instead!
Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
say it wasn't a memory problem could my motherboard or graphics be blamed it usually crashes when trying to play games with heavy graphics it's just too much and it goes down!
Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
that's important details coming late   :-(
so, you say crashes occur ONLY when installing windows or playing high demanding games ? Those two might not be related.
What about your video drivers? have you updated to last detonator version? (this is gonna cost you some MB on the Internet  :-))
AGP drivers from your motherboard's install cd  are ok?
what BIOS chaching(s) do you have eneabled in BIOS?

Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
i built the pc myself and i don't know about the caching if i go to load fail safe defaults on bios ok for a little while! drivers i use that came with my geforce2 and dx9.0 some demanding games are fine! they just run slow! temperature is about 30-40 degrees for case and cpu!
Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
sorry if i gave the impoirtant details late i didn't realize they are important i though a lot of pc's crash regularly anyways!
Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
ALL windows OSs crash, otherwise it wouldn't be Windows  :-))
but if it crashes following a pattern that usually can be diagnosed. Even apparently random crashes sometimes have a pattern and a culprit can be found.
Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
hey hey where's evryone gone i installed xp working fine but i bet it will crash again soon!
i still got one more problem which i noticed yesterday which may be the cause is the monitor switches off after like 20mins to save power and when i move the mouse to wake it wouldn't it wouldn't respond until i turned it off then on again it is a geforce 2 64mb mx400 sdr agpx4!
it has no fan just heat sink which burns your hands whjen you touch it!
Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
i done the tests it said failure at 0000232 somethign ran for like 7-8 hours and had 4 of these and loads of other numbers!
Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
Sorry Hacker_xp ... I lost some opened Qs in a browser crash and your last post was between them I guess.
About << hey hey where's evryone gone >> I must dissapoint you ... there was only Kronos with you in the last week  :-)
Anyway , it seemes I was right about bad RAM. You don't even have to know what that errors mean, since it's an error it will probably crash your system at random time.

Conclusion: Change your RAM and all will be fine.

Good Luck


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Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
but i am using xp and running perfectly fine for now the software i tested with is a little difficult to understand! i'll try and change my ram when i come back from holiday! i might be able to get some ram cheap or free from over there as my uncle owns a shop! i'm going for four weeks erm will u guys wait that long! krostm if i give you the points now will u still come back and help me afterwards?
Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
I usually post after an answer (not necessary mine) was accepted  :-)
So, if you'll have a clear question RELATED to this one, we'll continue the discussion.

Good luck and have fun in your trip ...ahmm ... if RAM is for free where you're going ... can't you bring me two trucks of them? :-))
Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
lol sure! it ain't free! my uncle may have some over there he upgrades and repairs computers all the time so he might have what i am looking for! it's dead cheap over there anyways!
thanx kronostm! Imagine what you could do with two truck of ram though wow! i'd build a massive server with terabytes of ram!
Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
hey kronstm sorry i took so long to accept it's difficult to get to a computer here! sorry! thanx for ur help dude i am going to buy some more ram!
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