Linux for Windows ???

I know Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows. Could anyone give me a list
of all Linux-like OS for windows?

and, according to your experience, which one is the best?

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OK - You have a number of choices here:

a.   Set up your system to multiboot - however, you would need to reboot every time you wanted o access Linux. However, you can do this with any of the Linux distributions. You just need to gain a little knowledge about an appropriate boot loader (the piece of software that decides which OS to boot (GRUB/lilo and others).

b.  You can use a demonstration distribution  - basically it runs completely from the CD that you use. I personally use Knoppix

The Bootable Business Card is also excellent, but more focussed towards recovery than the casual user I feel.:

Alternatively there are mechanisms to boot a system as a thin client - connecting to a server somewhere!:

c.   You can go for the Cygwin option that provides a Linux posix type environment within Windows. Another commercial alternative to this is winlinux or WinAxe(Which enables you to run linux on your desktop):

d.   You can go for a Linux environment and attempt to run Windows programs using Wine (Windows emulator)...not always that easy to do unfortunately. See here for more information:

What I really think that you are asking about is category a (multiboot) options, but with the requirement not to mess about with partitioning and file systems. If which case you have the following options:

Dragon Linux:

ELoop may be of interest, but I've never tried it:

You may also be intrested in Lindows (a linux based OS with the functionality of WINE enabling it to run windows programs) (Not free:( ):

Personally I've tried and used dragonlinux, knoppix and cygwin, all of which I've found useful and reasonably easy to use. (Plus they are all free:)   ) The other links are just items which I think may be of interest to you.

HAve fun!

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Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
There is one other option: You can run vmware ( on your Windows system. This will create a virtual machine that can run a number of different operating systems. In your case, you would run Linux on top of Windows. I actually use vmware to run different Linux systems on top of my Linux system without any problems.

On my Win2000 machine I have cygwin installed. It's free, it's powerful and it gives me access to all the Linux/Unix tools I need.
codenamecharlieAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot for the updates, since both of you use Cygwin, I just wanna ask
one more Q:

how come in Cygwin: when I type "man socket" it does not gimme man page?

I think "socket" should be a standard system call routine in Unix/Linux system, right?

Thanks again,
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Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Probably because nobody provided a man page for this call. If you check the header files, there is a socket.h in /usr/include/cygwin/socket.h so I woudl assume that it's supported.
You've got to remember that Cygwin, along with much of the linux culture consists of, and is put together by people on a voluntary basis. Yep - I'm sure that socket isn't the only thing that we'd love to have a man page, but no-one has created one. Fancy volunteering? :) Remember that cygwin is continuously evolving:)
"Probably because nobody provided a man page for this call" - hardly correct

"apropos socket"  results include:

socketcall           (2)  - socket system calls
accept               (2)  - accept a connection on a socket
bind                 (2)  - bind a name to a socket
connect              (2)  - initiate a connection on a socket
getsockname          (2)  - get socket name
getsockopt           (2)  - get and set options on sockets
listen               (2)  - listen for connections on a socket
recv                 (2)  - receive a message from a socket
recvfrom [recv]      (2)  - receive a message from a socket
recvmsg [recv]       (2)  - receive a message from a socket
send                 (2)  - send a message from a socket
sendmsg [send]       (2)  - send a message from a socket
sendto [send]        (2)  - send a message from a socket
setsockopt [getsockopt] (2)  - get and set options on sockets
socket               (2)  - create an endpoint for communication
socketpair           (2)  - create a pair of connected socketsi

man aropos

should have ended
 man apropos
codenamecharlieAuthor Commented:

I tried "apropos", but it gives me nothing:

$ apropos socket
socket: nothing appropriate

I believe I run setup.exe provided by and did install everything, how come
there is no man page for socket?

Also, i am curious, can not they just copy GNU's man pages into cygwin(non-commercial version)?
I thought this is allowed, right?  Was Cygwin developed by volunteers over the world or it was
developed by Redhat company?????

apropos ls
if thisalso gives "nothing appropriate", you need to man apropos
BTW, did you:  man socketcall ??
codenamecharlieAuthor Commented:
OK, this is what I just got:

$ apropos ls
ls: nothing appropriate

$ man apropos

       apropos - search the whatis database for strings

       apropos keyword ...

       apropos  searches a set of database files containing s
       of system commands for keywords and displays the resul

       whatis(1), man(1).

                                 Jan 15, 1991
I just tried "man socketcall" also, give nothing
"apropos  searches a set of database files "


man whatis
      The whatis database is created using the command /usr/sbin/makewhatis."

makewhatis -?
     " Usage: ...............        "
codenamecharlieAuthor Commented:
well, first apology, I wanted to split the points since i want to thank all of your three guys,
however i made a mistake and directly clicked "Accept" button.

Anyway, thanks again, pjedmond is so knowledgable about all the Linux for Windows choices,
i am really impressed.

Also, khkremer and arn0ld's helps are valuable.

Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
You can submit a request in the Community Support area and have them change the points distribution.
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