MS OLAP cubes via HTTP: "cannot connect to cube file"

Hi, I'm having strange problem with MS OLAP cubes. Here's a background:

Several cubes are created on server in other domain. I have configured access via Web (by using msolap.asp file).
Anonymous access are disallowed.
Now, I'm trying to access cubes from Excel 2002 like this.
Import External Data -> New Database Querty->OLAP Cubes->New Data Source.
I'm selecting OLE DB Provider 8.0, then Analysis Server: http://<Ip address>, specifying username and password.
I can see OLAP database and cubes.
So, data source was created successfully.

Now, I'm trying import in in worksheet, and get this error:
"Cannot connect to cube file, 'http://<Ip address>', file may be in use." When I press OK, I get dialog, where I can choose between OLAP Server and Cube File, AND "CUBE FILE" IS SELECTED.

Moreover, if I'm trying to import data from cube using DTS, all works perfectly. It seems Excel is the problem.

Can someone help me?


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Hi Rimvis,
Using an IP Address for OLAP Data Source Connection Property Causes Error, as described in link below.
RimvisAuthor Commented:
Hi SNilsson,

I've seen this article, but it didn't help. Besides, it's for MS SQL 7.0. I'm using MS SQL 2000.

Okey, you did not write what Server version you did use,  I dont think I can be of further assistance since I have never connected to a cube in that way myself.

But I might suggest that you try to connect using VBA code instead, since you have Enterprise Manager on your machine you can refer to the DTS dll's and build a solution from there.
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RimvisAuthor Commented:
Thats the point, I want to have connection to cubes via Excel. I don't need that cube, our accountants do :o) They are used to it, why reinvent the wheel?

And that type of connection SHOULD work. I have tried it before. Maybe there's something configured wrong way, or it's just another M$ bug.

Thats what I'm trying to figure out...
Have you tried logging in as Domain admin and connecting to see if it is a security issue?
RimvisAuthor Commented:
I _am_ Domain Admin.
Ralf KlattEmployee in Civil ServiceCommented:

Are you sure you have the latest MDAC version installed on all affected pcs and servers?

And how are your membership roles in the cube exactly defined? Have you set the role to "Everyone" just for testing purposes?

Best regards, Raisor
RimvisAuthor Commented:
 My PC - 2.7, OLAP server - 2.7 SP1
Maybe this caused problems? I will try to update MDAC on my PC

Everyone didn't help

Roles configured as follow:

Role                  Enforce On     Membership                                        Cubes & Mining Models
Web Users         Client            <OLAP Server Domain>\<OLAP user>    <all cubes>

Ralf KlattEmployee in Civil ServiceCommented:

Ok, an MDAC update might solve your problem ... if not ... have you tried to connect using any other program than excel ... maybe query manager or so? ... connecting with DTS seemed to have worked though ...

What version of PTS are you using? Lite/Full? Maybe you just put Pivot Tables SP3 (SQL server 2000) on your pc!

Best regards, Raisor
RimvisAuthor Commented:
Well, I have good news (kinda). I am able to connect to cube now. Here's the story:

I tried to update MDAC on my PC. First, I tried 2.7 SP1. After that, my problems started. When I clicked on Get External Data->New Database Query, Excel just freezed :o/ I rebooted couple of times, installed MDAC 2.8, but it didn't help. Also, I noticed, that Outlook also freezes :o/

So, I removed Office XP and installed Office 2003 this morning. Gues what? Yes, cobes are working now :o)

But still, I think reinstaling Office would be overkill, if my PC wouldn't messed up. I would like to lern more about possible solutions.

Raisor what's PTS you mentioned? Pivot Table Services? What is it? As I said, I'm using MS Excel to connect to cube. Is it add-in to Excel? I can't find such thing on my PC.

Ralf KlattEmployee in Civil ServiceCommented:

As I read lately, the issue lies with Pivot tables SP2 (or earlier) and Office 2000! If you are a developer with anaylsis manager installed ...  install SP3 for Anaylisis Manager (from Microsoft). If you are a User of an olap tool then install the pivot table services that comes in the SP3 anaylsis manger download ... it is in folder msolap\install\PTS and install the full one ... to verify this has worked ... Load up excel -> goto help -> goto about -> goto system info -> Applications -> Microsoft Office envionment -> OLE DB Providers -> View the version number for Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Olap services 8.0 it should be 8.0.760.0

But anyway, with Office 2003 the bugs (version conflicts) should be gone anyway -> you're the proof!!! ;-)) ... I'm happy for you that your cubes are working now!

Best regards, Raisor

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RimvisAuthor Commented:
Raisor, thanx for your help.

Also, thanx to all that responded to my problem.
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