Problems with Oracle Parser

Posted on 2003-12-03
Last Modified: 2007-12-19

I am using Oracle Parser xmlparserv2.jar

I am generating xml files and reading files through Oracle Parser

Well Sometimes i get value <= or >=

for example <xml> <= </xml>
This Gives error while parsing in Oracle parser

Well wht i have done replaced < with &gt and > with &lt . But i have generic bean which does all this stuff. Its not possible for to change everywhere . So can someone give me a function where in it should replace < to &lt and > to &gt ..

So any other solution you have it , it would be appreciated .

Plz give the answer as soon as possible .




Question by:rajivbal_98
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ID: 9866995
Why not just do this at source?
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ID: 9867141
<xml><![CDATA[ <= ]]></xml>
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ID: 9867204
That's another way of doing it at source ;-)
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Heh, true ;-)

Accepted Solution

grim_toaster earned 125 total points
ID: 9867644
So let me get this right, what you want to do is basically treat it as a string, and replace all instances of one character with another, if so then the below should work (although this is NOT production quality code).

    private static final char[] from = { '&', '<', '>' };
    private static final String[] to = { "&amp;", "&lt;", "&gt;" };
     public static void main(String[] arguments) throws Exception
             String sampleString = "This is some sample text & heres some more <>";
             for (int i = 0, n = from.length; i < n; i++)
                 sampleString = replace(sampleString, from[i], to[i]);
             System.err.println("!!!!sampleString = " + sampleString);
     private static String replace(String in, char from, String to)
          return in;

Actually, changed my mind, I'll leave the implementation of the replace method up to you!  That's the fun part after all!  And it would be preferable to do it at source.  But there's a starting point for you anyway! :-P
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ID: 9867668
If you want one of those - here's one:

public class HTMLEscape
  public static String escape( String s )
    int len = s.length();
    StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer(len*5/4);

    for ( int i = 0; i < len; i++ )
      char c = s.charAt( i );
      String elem = htmlchars[c&0xff];

      sb.append( elem == null ? ""+c : elem );
     return sb.toString();

  private static String htmlchars[] = new String[256];

    String entry[] = {
      "nbsp", "iexcl", "cent", "pound", "curren", "yen", "brvbar",
      "sect", "uml", "copy", "ordf", "laquo", "not", "shy", "reg",
      "macr", "deg", "plusmn", "sup2", "sup3", "acute", "micro",
      "para", "middot", "cedil", "sup1", "ordm", "raquo", "frac14",
      "frac12", "frac34", "iquest",
      "Agrave", "Aacute", "Acirc", "Atilde", "Auml", "Aring", "AElig",
      "CCedil", "Egrave", "Eacute", "Ecirc", "Euml", "Igrave", "Iacute",
      "Icirc", "Iuml", "ETH", "Ntilde", "Ograve", "Oacute", "Ocirc",
      "Otilde", "Ouml","times", "Oslash", "Ugrave", "Uacute", "Ucirc",
      "Uuml", "Yacute", "THORN", "szlig",
      "agrave", "aacute", "acirc", "atilde", "auml", "aring", "aelig",
      "ccedil", "egrave", "eacute", "ecirc", "euml", "igrave", "iacute",
      "icirc", "iuml", "eth", "ntilde", "ograve", "oacute", "ocirc",
      "otilde", "ouml", "divid", "oslash", "ugrave", "uacute", "ucirc",
      "uuml", "yacute", "thorn", "yuml"

    htmlchars['&'] = "&amp;";
    htmlchars['<'] = "&lt;";
    htmlchars['>'] = "&gt;";

    for ( int c = '\u00A0', i=0 ; c <= '\u00FF'; c++, i++ )
      htmlchars[c] = "&"+entry[i]+";";

    for ( int c = '\u0083', i=131 ; c <= '\u009f'; c++, i++ )
      htmlchars[c] = "&#"+i+";";

    htmlchars['\u0088']=htmlchars['\u008D']=htmlchars['\u008E'] = null;
    htmlchars['\u008F']=htmlchars['\u0090']=htmlchars['\u0098'] = null;
    htmlchars['\u009D'] = null;

  // For testing
  public static void main( String args[] )
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ID: 9867707
I remember when it was just

&copy; &lt; &gt; and &reg;


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