Dear Experts,

Could you please tell me if you know any script for limit the time of life of a program?

The unique procedure I have not works (was made in Pascal).


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Hi letchev,

There is no-brain solution: upon first run write some binary file with 'solid' name into Windows directory (like OSdriver.dll) with absolute time in it. Next time program is running it should check that time and compare with current time.

My advice: do not put strong restrictions on your users. Giv'em some flex too!

Here are 2 good choices.

The open-source library Jedi VCL has a component named TJvTimeLimit that does what you're looking for. 

In addition, TurboPower OnGuard is another open source project that does what you want. It's more robust and, therefore, more complicated. 


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There are a few possibilities

-Have your exe alter itself by adding a date/time past which it will fail to operate.
(This can be defeated by restoring the original exe again and again)

-Write a file somewhere on the system that can be checked for the stop date
(this can be detected by monitoring programs)

-Modify an existing file by adding a stop date to it (like a windows help file or similar)
(also can be detected by monitoring software)

-Modify data in a sector of the HD where it is safe to do so.... this is tricky so be careful.
(if you alter the boot sector some anti-virus proggies will go NUTS)

-There are some sneakier ways... but I would not describe them nor use them.

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I use an hardware USB key with a clock inside. If your application is valuable you could consider this lind of protection.
This lind of key is made to distribute demos and is harder to break (well not impossible, but harder).
lol i have my own server for that kinda stuff craskers n cajkers cant crask tis without comptley decompiling the app and making there own version :P
mgazza, if this is you work, well, good to know. But my work is to make and sell programs...
ye it is, my client reads it own file that it has acess to and writes to it vir a script which contains there trial time, perchanced info, email address hackers cant hack stuff they dont have access to
very clever, but if they introduce a program between your program and your server and simulate the server answer... (as for hardware key protection cracking) ...
I think both method are valid, and the most effective part is the psycological effect on the end user.
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
-Modify an existing file by adding a stop date to it (like a windows help file or similar)
(also can be detected by monitoring software)

Many a program alters pwrpoint.ini's date to perform this type of action. Easily picked up by
a FileChangeNotifier, however.

So eprograms even modify an obscure registry entry but those are also easily picked up by
a registry monitor.

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