Formatting data in an email

Using Microsoft Works data base I can print nicely formatted data in columns, using the "report" function.  How do I also get this report layout into an email without, as at present, losing the columnar formatting.

Every time I try I get e.g three columns of data bunched together, rather than the data being in 3 neat columns, with each row entry exactly under the previous row entry.

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Send it as an attachment rather than the body of the email. Email clients tend to reformat the body of the email. And the person you are sending it to may have their email client setup with different formatting than what you send it in.
danMAuthor Commented:
Sounds good - but how to do.  I can print a beautifully formatted report to paper, but how to create it as an email attachment.  What sort of attachment - text is no good as data all lumped together, line by line, and not in columns.

There does not seem to be a print-to-file function windows in XP.

Somehow I need a picture or image of what goes on to paper (report format), as an email attachment, but Works seems to have no means of creating this, (early version).

My suggestion:

Install a Generic text printer on XP
When printing the report, select that printer. At the printer options dialog, check "Print as file".
Send that file (you may open in a text processor and reformat it if you like).


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Can't your program save the report as an .rtf file or something?
danMAuthor Commented:
My early version of "Works" prints beautifully formatted reports on to paper, but does not seem to have an option to save the formatted print file.  Obviously I can save the database file, but not as far as I can find, the actual print file.

Someone help me to install a "generic text printer" as described above, please.
(Windows XP - pro)

Printers > Add new > Local printer and no autodetect of PnP printer > Type should be "Generic - Text only". Don't bother printing a test page.

When printing report, choose the text printer and choose print to file. The output file may get a .prn extension. Rename to .txt and attach or open in a word processor and copy>paste into the e-mail message.

Rid, when sending output to file, you name it as you wish.. it does not add the .prn

DanM, as I told you, you may "reformat" it, even with word prior to sending it via mail.

So rid uses my idea, and takes my points... Good Answer Rid.

I'd like to point out that I didn't "take" the points; the author (perhaps erroneously) awarded them to me.

I'd also like to point out that I did NOT use your idea, I gave a suggestion as to how install a generic "Text-only" printer.

I think that the fundamental solution was to print to file and the suggestions abot that procedure should be considered the answer to the question. My comment, as you can see, only deals with the printer install.

I'll post a link to this Q in the CS area and suggest transfer of points or other suitable action by the mod's.

Yes rid, you're right. You dealed with his second question, not the one that originate this.
I do not think you do not deserve the points, what I think is that you deserve a "Assisted answer", and mine should be the accepted one...

I'm sorry of my bad expression, but i'm a spanish speaker, not an english one, so sometimes, i
use the spanish conformation of the sentence.

It's OK - I'm swedish, so one can expect some difficulties with english here. I posted a Q in CS area and hopfully someone will take a look at putting things straight for this thread. I agree completely with you.

danMAuthor Commented:
I agree with rid as to correct destination of the points - but maybe we are all taking this too seriously - surely it is a bit of fun for all participants.

It is a bit difficult to decide who to "point" after a subsidiary question is set and answered, which may be just as important to the questioner as the original question.


This is going to change into episthemology...
Which was first? The egg or the chicken?

Let's say this (and just in a bit of fun):
I answer your question.
After that you ask how to implement my answer
Rid answer your second question.

On a linear basis... Rid act as my assistant ;-)
But never mind. I'm not going to make a skycrapper of this.

Ups... while I was writing, Netminder split the points...
Err... Let's say i say nothing :-)
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