IE new window popups - very slow - with a delay and CPU spike

on some PCs I experienced the following problem
if I click on a link that wants to pop a new window -
CPU spikes, there is a few second delay, and only then the window pops up.

consistency: depends on each PC - you either have this problem or not,
but if you do - it is always there -
NOT dependent on any conditions of the below (though some agrievate the symptoms):
-freshly rebooted PC/ long uptime
-freshly opened IE/ long used
-amount of phys memory
-amount of available phys memory
-amount of virtual memory
-site (consistent on all sites that pop windows)
-seen it in IE versions 5 and 6

need explanation and how to fix it.
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Some versions of IE (older) had Memory Leaks (as is true for some freeware and some poorly written software), and Memory Leaks can be a contributor here, so would recommend upgrades using WindowsUpdate to ensure that fixes/patches are installed to rule out Memory Leaks and other known problems since fixed in subsequent releases of Internet Explorer.

Also, configure IE to clear the cache on exit (delete temp files), check to see how much "available" memory on problems PCs, since I suspect too muich running when these delays are experienced.

Other contributors could be security settings, Firewall configurations, intrusions by Spyware and/or Browser hijackers and the like.  Also, scanning with updated viruscan engines is important.

Running routine maintenance, several reboots clearing cache, temporary internet files offline content, history, etc. would prove helpful overall.

Many possibilities, not enough known.  Any Pop Up killers installed, etc?

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Key question ..... How are the problem boxes (user configurations) controlling/handline Pop Up windows now?
weinerkAuthor Commented:
20 days of history.
15MB for temp files.

Memory/handle leaks - not a problem - since it would not show up after fresh reboot for a while.
"available" memory - not an issue
security settings, Firewall configurations - not an issue
Spyware and/or Browser hijackers - not an issue
Pop Up killers installed, etc? - none

another point of clarification - if I hit CTRL-N to open a new window - that is happening fast,
the slowdown only happens when click on something that is trying to spun a new window.
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
The "open new window" issue in terms of using resources aligns to older versions of Browsers, so would recommend for those users to do a WindowsUpdate to implement/install the most current version of IE including all the fixes.

Then....if more is needed, deal with them one-by-one.   Trying to help an entire community of users with a mixed bag of "versions" and updates is going to keep you in a downside tailsprin.  I'd deal with one "issue" at a time, although anyone running old versions of IE would benefit by upgrading to the most current version of IE and Windows OS would be a valuable start.

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
You also mentioned 20 days of history ... I question why and how the user benefits.  My ideal here would be to guide the user to clean their history more frequently.  Why keep old avenues of naviation, since most of us who need to access the internet would know which links we value and save them rather than keep needless "history" clutter, which in and of iteself includes history of problems and links that aren't necessarily valued.  But then, that's my "ideal", and wish that end users would all see the value in keeping their systems and paths "clean" and uncluttered.  Hmmm, dreaming perhaps.,
weinerkAuthor Commented:
Bottom line - even when everything is purged out - no improvement.
IE version 6.0.2800.1106
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Is ie 6 sp2 included in the fix?  

It's tough when your're not sitting in front of the problem system, as you know all too well.

I suspect what may help at this point is to sit with the problem system and
1)  reboot, checking system resources after user does his/her thing to see available resources prior to reboot
2)  alt+ctrl+del to see what all is running automatically at reboot and what the available resource percentage is (what all is running) at the time and jot that down
3)  watch to see what the "available resources" change as navigation occurs and/or apps/interfaces are loaded to see what is draining availability as it loads.....

It makes it tough to troubleshoot when it's unclear as to the "culprit".  I suspect that there's a renegate app running or back-level support interfaces with memory leaks that could be at the crux of the problem, but that's merely conjecture, since with the situation we all face (open technology, end-user flexibility and so on), troubleshooting gets tougher all the time.

A few more thoughts, but outa time; will check back when I can.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I think we need to narrow the gap here;  the "new window" issue is a known problem with users of old browsers, so would recommend an update using WindowsUpdate to implement fixes, reboot/test and advise.  

Each fix has "read me" with it, and as I've read all the "read me" items on WindowsUpdate through time, this sounds terribly familiar through time on old versions of IE.

weinerkAuthor Commented:
it is not the version!

Other ideas?
Ryan ChongSoftware Team Lead, ex-Business Systems Analyst , ex-Senior Application EngineerCommented:
How is your code that write the popup scripts?

Try use like:"newpage.html","","width=800,height=400,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes");

instead of:"newpage.html","newpage","width=800,height=400,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes");

will this make the stuff faster?

weinerkAuthor Commented:
I am not trying to write any code.
When I browse the web - when I hit  a link that tries to pop a window - it goes slow.
Ryan ChongSoftware Team Lead, ex-Business Systems Analyst , ex-Senior Application EngineerCommented:
Is this your pc's problem? What if you try to open and execute it in other pc?
weinerkAuthor Commented:
read the question
Hi weinerk !
I know the problem for a long time and have recently found a solution for it !!
The symtom is exactly that every time you open a new window by clicking a new link, it will take a few seconds (2-30 secs depending on your hardware), put if you press Ctrl+N, a new window will open MUCH faster.
Also if you open a window with javascript, like ryancys said:
If you open a window without a name, it opens fast like Ctrl+N,
if you give the window a name, it will open with delay, hanging it the open method.

Believe it or not, your "history" is corrupted !!!!
I think this can affect ALL version of the internet explorer, even with the latest patches.
I can happen any time, but my best guess is that outlook corrupts it - maybe when you open a weird spam message...

Now the solution:
You have to erase your browser history - by hand !

Close all internet explorer and outlook instances, check with taskmanager to make sure all outlook processes have been terminated - if not, end program with taskmanager.
Open a command window, cd to your history directory.
For 95/98/ME, I think it will be c:\windows\history
For NT: c:\winnt\profiles\<username>\history
For 2K/XP/2003: c:\documents and settings\<username>\local settings\history
Delete everything including subdirectories from this folder, but leave the desktop.ini intact !!
In my case there was a folder History.IE5 (although I'm using IE6), which i deleted.
(I used "del /s History.IE5" and "rd /s History.IE5", using /q skips confirmations.)
BTW: These a all system files, view with "dir /as".
Don't worry, those directories will be recreated automatically :)

Restart internet explorer and test if the problem is gone.
Note: All autocomplete entries are also deleted and you have to manually turn on the autocomplete feature in the advances internet explorer settings if you want to use it again.

I wrote a short html file to test if your computer is affected:

<html><head><title>IE history corruption test</title>
<script type="text/javascript">//<![CDATA[
function mypopup(n) {
lwin ='', n, "width=300,height=200,scrollbars");
Click on the buttons, if the second button takes quite long, your history is corrupted.
<button type="button" name="test1" value="dummy" onclick="mypopup('')">Test1</button>
<button type="button" name="test1" value="dummy" onclick="mypopup('testing')">Test2</button>

Best wishes,

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I think I am also having this problem.

For some reason whenever I click on a link it would take 10 to 30 seconds for them to open up.
But when I hold down "SHIFT" and click on a link, it would open up immediatly. There are time when I hold "shift" and click on a link they would give me the "Page cannt be displayed" message.

I can surf around the internet find but its just that when ever i click a  link that is suppose to open up in another browser it would take a while for it to open up.

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
This question is closed and moved to our PAQ.  If you have a need, please post a new question.  This link is helpful.
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