Is there any way to insert a page break in plain .txt file from within VB6 ?

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use the ForcePageBreak Property. i.e.

object.ForcePageBreak = integer

The settings for integer are:

Constant Value Description
rptPageBreakNone 0 (Default) No page breaks occur.
rptPageBreakBefore 1 The page break occurs before the current section.
rptPageBreakAfter 2 The page break occurs after the current section.
rptPageBreakBeforeAndAfter 3 Page breaks occur both before and after the current section


You can insert chr(11) which is the ascii standard "form feed" character; however, whether this is handled as a page break depends on which application you use to display the .txt file...
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Bob LearnedCommented:
If you are going to open the text file in a program like Word, something like this will work:

   Open "c:\temp\test.txt" For Output As #1
   Print #1, "This is a test" & Chr$(12)
   Print #1, "This line is on the next page"
   Close #1

   Chr$(12) is the page feed character.

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That may not be recognized by the printer

TheLearnedOne is right - the page feed character is ascii 12 not 11.
Bob LearnedCommented:
Generally speaking, Ascii(12) is the universal character for page feed.  It may not work in 100% of the cases, but it was true from back in the days when I used dot matrix printers, and it should still be true with other printer types.
How about vbCR & vbLF, LF being line feed.
vbFormFeed works too if you don't like remembering ASCII.
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