App hangs when exiting after issuing Inet1.Execute command

Would anyone know why my application hangs when exiting after I issue Inet1.Execute?  If I comment out the Inet1.Execute line, the application exits fine.

I even ran my app from yesterday which I know worked is no longer working too.

Note:  I'm calling a subroutine after I issue the Inet1.Execute.  The routine contains:
     While Inet1.StillExecuting

I've shut down my PC and the apps still didn't work.

Please help!  Any ideas would be appreciated.

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You appear to have put your application into a permanent loop. I.e. the loop continues whilst Inet1.Stillexecuting. Inet1.Stillexecuting cannot complete whilst in the loop.
halfondjAuthor Commented:
The Inet1.Stillexecuting loop seems to have terminate.  I put a debug statement in it and it only prints once.

The problem occurs when I exit the program.
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halfondjAuthor Commented:
EDDYKT:  I don't know what that article has to do w/my problem.

Thanks anyway.
halfondjAuthor Commented:
I'll like to add that when I run the .EXE file and then exit it, the task manager says that it's still in memory and not responding.

If I comment out the Inet1.Executing line, re-compile the program, run the .EXE, exit the application, all is working fine.
halfondjAuthor Commented:
Ok.  I now tried a sample program from the net called from

I know this program worked when I exited the application, but now it doesn't.  What could be going on w/the Inet control?

HELP - please.  I need to complete this project.

Thanks so much.
Waht Sp do you use?
May be reload the sp
halfondjAuthor Commented:
I don't think it's the SP, as the code was working yesterday.

I just tried making a modem connection instead and it (both applications) seem to work, but when I connect via the LAN, the applications appear to hang on exit.

Since I know the sample app does the same thing as mine, it's not my code.

What could it be?  Both ways, modem and LAN worked before w/o any problems.
halfondjAuthor Commented:
OK -- one last thing.  I didn't wait long enough for the application to end.  I waited now about ~45 secs+ and the application finally exited.  But, while the application was exiting, the form started to go away (hard to describe).

How can I get the form not to start closing and inform the user that something is happening?  I the programmer, didn't even know that something was happening.

Thanks again and sorry for so many updates.
halfondjAuthor Commented:
Application worked fine this morning.  The problem (application exiting delay) can be caused by Internet traffic using the Inet control.

Due to other restrictions of the Inet control, I'm converting my application to use the WinInet APIs directly.

Thanks for everyone's answers.
halfondjAuthor Commented:
Since the Inet control seemed to be giving me problems, as well as one cannot specify a binary or ascii download, I decided to convert my app and use the WinInet APIs directly.  I found excellent documentation on Microsoft's website re:problems w/the Inet control (Inet/ITC), as well as using the WinInet APIs from VB.

Here are some links:;EN-US;188956
    PRB: ITC Cannot Perform ASCII-type FTP Transfer;EN-US;233037
   INFO: Limitations of Internet Transfer Control;EN-US;175179
   SAMPLE: VBFTP.EXE: Implementing FTP Using WinInet API from VB

Thanks to all that tried to answer my question.
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