replacing 2000 server with 2003 server...need help

I currently have a network with 50 clients on it.  We are replacing the server with a new cpu running windows server 2003 standard edition.  I need help getting started.  I am confused how to migrate the current active directory into seems to me the terminology may be a little different.  Help would sure be appreciated.

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Now, seems to me when I installed 2003 into my network as an AD controller, it just picked everything up. It wanted to update the 2k servers, but other than that...
I would join it to the domain, run the dcpromo, and after all the dust settles, transfer all the domain master roles, GC and DNS to the new 2k3 server, and then you should be able to pull the old server down. Or, leave the other server up, and have two servers. Better that way, anyway, for redundancy.
Good Luck!
I would use ADMT 2.0 for doing it: here is a link for that

this is the download link:

here are some info for the above tool:

there is a white paper on the matter for free if you register:
topkick5365Author Commented:
I am having a problem getting the active directory role installed on the new server.  I just want to add this new server as another domain controller and migrate the active directory.  However, when I try to do this it says the DNS name (of my current domain controller) does not exist.  How can I add this new server just as a domain controller?
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Is the machine joined to the domain?
good point Casca1. also check if you have allowed dynamic updates on your current DC.
It was one of my mistakes when setting up my AD here... 8-)
topkick5365Author Commented:
the machine is on the domain...the role designated for it is workstation..not domain controller.  How do I check to see if dynamic updates have been allowed on my current domain controller?
you can see from the DNS snap-in
topkick5365Author Commented:
the dynamic update is set to yes....however it still will not let me run the active directory wizard
Hmmm; Do you have a RR for the server at all?
You might need to manually add a record.
It would depend of course on whether or not you have the DC NIC set as a DHCP client. It SHOULD register, but might not.
If the machine is joined to the domain, and there is a record, you might try removing it from the domain, shutting the server down,  deleting the record, power it back up, and joining it again and running the DCPromo.

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topkick5365Author Commented:
i took it off of the domain and reset it...when I tried to log back on it says that the domain is not available???
You are having a connectivity issue of some sort.
Log onto the local admin account, open a cmd prompt, and check your IP. Then ping some other hosts.
Thanks for the points and score.
I take it you are resolved? Or can we do some more to assist?
topkick5365Author Commented:
I am having a problem with a dns lookup error when trying to connect clients to the new domain. When on the server and looking through My Network Places and then into the domain it does not show my server.  I am sure it has to be a dns error.  I just can't figure out why the clients cannot connect.  

Any ideas?
Well, look at your DNS console, and make sure you have a RR for the server.
You might also need to look in the _msdcs subfolder to verify you have the server entries there.
topkick5365Author Commented:
could you tell me what RR stands for?
Resource Record.
Hmmm, the clients are not able to see the server? I assume you have tested low level connectivity? You can ping the server from the workstations?
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